Top 5 Myths of Video Marketing

From doubts about going viral to qualms about budget commitments, many companies fail to invest in video marketing for a number of reasons. The only problem is that many of these excuses are myths. Because web marketing evolves at neck-breaking speeds alongside the web’s own growth, it’s difficult to follow the best practices or considerations – and video marketing is certainly a challenging area to analyze. By familiarizing yourself with these video marketing myths, you can ensure that you’re not unintentionally holding your brand back. Continue reading “Top 5 Myths of Video Marketing”

Vine vs. Instagram: Which to Use for Short-Form Video

The battle is on! Vine and Instragram’s competition to dominate the short-form video market continues to intensify as traffic grows on each. With companies looking to streamline and make their video marketing efforts more efficient, it becomes challenging to decide which platform is better. The reality is, though, that Vine and Instagram serve very different audiences. Here’s when to use each: Continue reading “Vine vs. Instagram: Which to Use for Short-Form Video”

4 Scientific Facts About Viral Video Marketing

Virality. This is undoubtedly the goal of most video marketers, yet few ever achieve it 100 percent organically. By analyzing videos that have spread like wildfire across a large range of industries, we can predict statistical nuances required for video marketing success. Now, there’s no “viral marketing formula,” or else every brand would be engaged with this technique. But by understanding the common thread that unites successful viral marketing, it’s possible to better strategically plan your video content. Continue reading “4 Scientific Facts About Viral Video Marketing”

How Google+ Can Help Your Video Marketing

One of the growing trends in video marketing is the integration of Google+ into brands’ YouTube accounts. It’s been clearly documented that the search engine giant has been pushing Google+ across all its products, and YouTube is no exception. Instead of grudging at the thought of yet another update, brands and marketers alike should revel in the SEO benefits this provides for video marketing. By appropriately factoring Google+ into your video marketing campaign, you can strengthen the organic traffic that your video receives. Continue reading “How Google+ Can Help Your Video Marketing”

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