Facebook Videos Vs. YouTube: Who Has the Higher ROI?

With Facebook as the largest social media site on earth and YouTube the second largest search engine in the world, many brands are wondering which platform they should focus their marketing efforts on. While it’s best to invest in as many avenues as possible, each platform has different benefits depending on the goal of your brand’s advertising campaign. Since it’s impossible to fully invest in more than one platform, which one should get your primary attention? Continue reading “Facebook Videos Vs. YouTube: Who Has the Higher ROI?”

5 Benefits from Facebook’s News Feed Changes

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms for sharing and interacting with users. Facebook allows users to personalize a profile with images, links, videos, and the basic ability to post about anything. For business purposes, companies utilize Facebook as a means to engage with followers, host campaigns, and share valuable updates. Company pages are given the same freedom as personal Facebook pages, where the ability to change images, statuses, and post about anything is allowed. Although Facebook is criticized for its constant changes and adaptations to an already efficient platform, its developers have decided to make more changes. Continue reading “5 Benefits from Facebook’s News Feed Changes”

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