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Audio that Drives Results

There are few mediums that capture the ability to share your brand’s voice as well as an audio or video podcast. There’s a tremendous opportunity to talk directly to your audience, as well as to create omnichannel content to help feed the beast that is today’s marketing landscape.

Our Process

Develop a Stratigy

Getting your podcast started can feel overwhelming. There’s tons to consider - deciding on the format, the host, the topics, etc. We’ll work with you to plan everything out from start to finish so your podcast captures everything you need.

Produce Your Show

With everything all planned out, our team will help you produce the show - whether it’s an audio or video podcast. In addition to filming, recording and editing your podcast, our team can even help you design the look and the branding of your show.

Distribute With Purpose

Once we have the first podcast episodes completed, our team can help you gain traction by getting them onto the right platforms, as well as developing the marketing materials to help promote the podcast to potential listeners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number of words that can fit into a radio script largely depends on the duration of the script and the pace at which it's delivered. On average, a one-minute radio script typically contains about 150-170 words for a conversational pace. However, if the script needs to be read faster, the word count can be higher, and if it requires a slower, more deliberate pace, the word count will be lower.

Yes, the inclusion of sound effects in a radio script is common and often enhances the overall impact of the message being conveyed.

Yes, you, as the creative team or individual, are an integral part of the entire process. Your involvement, ideas, direction, and decision-making significantly shape the outcome of the audio.

Work with us on your audio production

We have worked with hundreds of clients recording and producing audio & podcasts. Let’s make shift happen.

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