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At 522, we know that you’re driven by results. The problem is – creating successful videos can be complicated. We help you sort through the thousands of possibilities and infinite variables to craft stories that work for you. That’s why we offer a variety of services that help you achieve your goal – whether that goal aims to raise brand awareness, educate your audience, or encourage your audience to take a specific action. Each of our services level up to your specific marketing needs to help you achieve your desired results.

Our Process


Every successful project starts with planning. We work with you to learn about your brand and goals to understand what inspires your audience to take action. We handle everything including concepting, scriptwriting, casting, location scouting and production coordination.


After we execute the proper Pre-Production our team collaborates with yours to capture all the original content outlined during pre-production. We manage the entire production process, from location coordination, coordinating crew, set design, hair and makeup, to craft services in order to ensure a smooth filming experience.


Our incredible Post-production team brings your project to life by managing your branding assets, and all required footage. We design, edit and/or animate all of your project's needs. We also provide the extra finishing touches such as sound design and color correction that really makes your finished videos pop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For those starting from scratch, our Video Marketing Strategy option allows us to develop a comprehensive plan from the ground up, ensuring every aspect of the video aligns with your goals. On the other hand, our Video Production option is designed for those with a vision in mind already. With this option we will take your ideas and turn them into a video!

In strategy, having diverse voices is crucial, but too many can lead to complications. We suggest involving 3-4 team members from various departments or areas of expertise for a balanced approach.

When it comes to crafting a strategy for your video, we typically allocate 2 to 4 weeks. Once the strategy is in place and approved, we transition into the video production phase, where we execute the plan we've outlined. This production process usually spans 8 to 12 weeks, involving tasks such as filming, editing, sound design, graphics integration, and final touches.

To maximize production, especially for interview-based videos, consider asking questions strategically for content across multiple videos. For instance, you can ask questions related to recruitment along with questions about your mission so if you want to do a recruitment video later in the year it will cost less. Additionally, employing a "split squad" approach, leveraging two separate crews—one focused on capturing B-Roll footage while the other conducts interviews can enhance the efficiency of production. Read our Content Library blog about optimizing your video strategy.

Yes! We have worked with multiple videos where teams were either completely remote or one or two people are remote. Check out a remote filming example.

Yes. We pride ourselves on filming in multiple locations across the United States. Let's also mention that we can also provide support around the globe (we've filmed in South America and Europe). Reach out to us no matter the location.

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