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A Few of the Best Video Production Examples We’ve Seen

Over the years we’ve seen our fair share of video productions. Everyone knows a bad video when they see one, but do you ever recognize a good one? Since we’re on a mission to rid the world of cheesy corporate videos, we thought it’d be a good idea to shine a light on great work that takes place outside the walls of 711 King St.

We chose the following video examples because they are simple, smart and authentic ways to  connect with viewers. They do more than just cram a ton of information into a short window. They craft a compelling story around the product – not necessarily about the product itself.

Blue Apron

Yes… they play a lot in Youtube pre-rolls, but these spots are extremely well put together. These do a fantastic job of humanizing today’s dining experiences. Often times meals are cooked after a long day’s work, or hastily thrown together. These spots encourage the viewer to slow down and savor the act of cooking… because Blue Apron makes it easy for you.  

Here’s a few reasons why we dig these vids:

  • Showcases food as a means to bring people together
  • The whole campaign (days of the week) does an excellent job demonstrating the practical value of their product
  • Cinematography and story makes the situations feel authentic, and makes the act of cooking an art.


Yeti is pretty much an ideal branded content developer. They have cultivated and created an entire following that grew organically from their branded documentary series that crafts authentic stories about their target audience. Yeti’s videos don’t hit the viewer over the head with their product – they simply tell unique stories that resonates with them. Stories that focus on Yeti’s core values that ultimately connect with the viewer.

Here’s why we dig these:

  • The purpose of the videos aren’t to sell products (at least not directly). Their purpose is to generate brand loyalty. Viewers see the values expressed in the videos as their own, and therefore for a bond with the brand.  
  • These stories are as authentic as it gets. Yeti cultivate stories from their loyal followers who express the same feelings that the company stands for. And it’s not by mistake that these individuals all happen to have hobbies or professions in visually stunning arenas.



A little older, but this is storytelling on another level. The Take Note team does a phenomenal job humanizing a product: stationary. The team expertly reminds the viewer that even in today’s digital world, handwritten notes are still essential in our day to day lives.  

Here’s what we liked:

  • I can’t think of a more creative way to tell a story using stationary as the driver. From first date recap to the end, the story draws you in.
  • Simple, relatable life situations (plot points) that resonate with most viewers
  • They are able to tell the story of a lifelong relationship without getting lost in any unnecessary details as far as the product is concerned, such as what they people look like, and where the events take place.

Purple Mattress

This video is about two years old, and 100% focuses on the product, but it recently resurfaced in our office Slack channel as a video that we love. It’s extremely difficult to humanize your brand while trying to sell the audience on the benefits of a product, but the team at Purple does just that. You may not watch the whole thing, but I mean… when was the last time you were interested in watching a 4-minute video about mattresses?

Here’s what else we liked:

  • This video entertains while it informs. That script is dynomite.
  • Using Goldilocks as the ‘spokesperson’ was a stroke of genius – it’s a character that everyone knows; she’s associated with sleep; demands thing to be ‘just right’; and opens the door to a world of comedic possibilities.  
  • Timing – from the tight script to the tight edits, the video is impeccably timed throughout.

These are just some examples of how you can tell a brand story. If you’re looking for more practical tips on creating videos that resonate with your audience, check out our ebook, The Fundamental Guide to B2B Video Marketing. It helps get your started on creating a video that speaks to your audience. If you don’t need something like that… then I wouldn’t download it. Then it would just clutter your desktop.

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The Importance of Video at an Event or Conference

The world is becoming more digital by the second. You can become friends with someone before ever being in the same room. Linkedin is great for networking, and Twitter is fabulous for reaching your peers, but as awesome as these tools are, they’re also saturated. Everybody’s using them….and therein lies the problem…they no longer make you unique. So, as a professional, how do you continue to stand out?

Attend a conference! Sometimes cutting through the noise and fostering face-to-face relationships with fellow professionals can be the best way to network and get yourself out there. Social tools are quick and easy to use, but they can’t replace the memories and impressions made face-to-face.

If you’re hosting a conference, you already recognize these benefits. For you, the question is: how do I get people there? How do I convince them it’s worth their time, energy and (often) money? How do I get them excited about the event, carry that excitement through the conference, and then leave them talking about the conference and sharing it with potential attendees for weeks to come?

The answer: video. Research has already shown that video is one of the most effective ways to market to your audience. How can video be used to enhance your event? Here are some of our thoughts:

Video Generates Excitement Before an Event

One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of pre-event outreach is to develop a video. Events require active promotions to ensure that the attendance is as high as possible. Video is interactive and quickly demonstrates what an event offers – it also provides a peek into the personal interactions that an attendee can expect. Use video to attract all types of leads to your event. Include a call to action and make sure that it’s easy for viewers to navigate from your video to the sign-up page for the event or conference.

How video can enahance your event body image

Video Increases Interaction at an Event

The interactions that occur at a conference or event are one of the most powerful benefits to attending. Video can be a great way to bring life to event presentations and various product-oriented displays. Encouraging attendees to live upload photos and video with a pre-selected (and advertised) hashtag can add social exposure to your event. This helps to increase the buzz around your event and can inspire new people to sign up for next year’s meet up. The immediate feedback also gives your social media managers a chance to engage attendees online while they’re at the event.

Video Extends the Life of an Event

The content captured during the event can be used for several purposes. For example, here are just a few ways video can have a lasting impact after it is over:

  • Provides access to keynotes – Conferences spend quite a bit of resources to ensure a keynote has an impact. By capturing the presentation on video, attendees and others can view the content online after the event is over.
  • Archives panel discussions – One of the more engaging parts of a conference are the panel discussions. These discussions often feature conflicting points of view and encourage audience participation. Video, especially when there are multiple angles, can capture the most interesting moments of panel discussions. When uploading these videos, you invite the conversation to continue online.
  • CCaptures feedback and testimonials – One of the best ways to start marketing next year’s event is to use testimonials from this year. With a video production crew on-site, you can capture testimonials from participants and use the footage to develop a promotional piece. Creating a sizzle reel from last year can be a great marketing tool for next year’s event.

Ultimately, video is a great way to enhance the impact of an event. It provides the ability to capture the most interesting parts of a conference and extend conversations online.

Humanizing Your Brand with Video Content

Have you ever visited a company’s website and felt it lacked a human touch? Brands that use bland content and stock photos fail to engage with customers, leaving their organization destined to be left behind as the virtual sphere of commerce evolves. One of the best ways to humanize your brand and improve engagement is with video content. Regardless of industry, implementing the following ideas will help customers connect with your brand on a new and interesting level. Continue reading “Humanizing Your Brand with Video Content”

The Not Impossible Lab, Powered by Intel, Shakes Video Marketing & The World

To change the world, businesses must care about more than the bottom line. In a recent video, healthcare research firm Not Impossible Labs and tech giant Intel partnered to illustrate the impact brands can have on others.

In “Project Daniel,” Not Impossible co-founder and CEO Mick Ebeling travels to the Nuba Mountains in Sudan to help children impacted by limb amputations. Armed with a mobile 3D-printing prosthetic lab – the first of its kind – Ebeling meets 14-year-old Daniel Omar. Continue reading “The Not Impossible Lab, Powered by Intel, Shakes Video Marketing & The World”

Always Brand’s “Like a Girl” Campaign Makes Waves

One of the best ways a brand can get an audience on its side is to show it is on the audience’s side. This is exactly what P&G’s Always brand did in its recent “Like a Girl” video marketing campaign, which has spread its message far beyond the feminine hygiene products the company seeks to sell.

In the #LikeAGirl video, producers ask a group of young men and women to perform one or more actions – such as running, fighting, or playing a sport – “like a girl” would. The predictable – yet dismaying – behaviors that follow include a great deal of hair flipping, wrist flopping, and anemic running. Continue reading “Always Brand’s “Like a Girl” Campaign Makes Waves”

Spotlight Case Study: Coca Cola Happiness Phone Booth

A few years ago, a video featured a Coca Cola vending machine placed on a college campus and was dubbed the Happiness Machine. This vending machine, instead of merely serving 20 oz. Coke bottles, also offered pizzas, flowers, balloon animals, 2 liter bottles of coke, and even a 6 foot long sub sandwich. The video became an instant hit. Continue reading “Spotlight Case Study: Coca Cola Happiness Phone Booth”

Spotlight Technology Company: Upworthy

Upworthy has been named one of the 50 Smartest Companies by MIT Technology review. The website was launched in 2012 by the former executive of MoveOn and the former managing director of The Onion. Their mission is to “intersect the awesome, the meaningful, and the viral.” They spread content pertaining to social justice with impressive vitality, and they’ve done an incredible job. Continue reading “Spotlight Technology Company: Upworthy”

Is Every Man Really Legendary? Heineken’s “Odyssey” (and Its Aftermath)

The latest global ad campaign series from Heineken is “The Odyssey,” a viral ad with a premise that is designed to boost viewers’ confidence. Part of the “Legends” platform, Heineken’s ad follows the adventures of a series of ordinary (non-actor) men aboard a cruise ship who begin to exhibit extraordinary skills, including conga dancing, diving, and more. Interestingly enough, faced with criticisms questioning Heineken’s authenticity, the company responded with another video that soon went viral. Continue reading “Is Every Man Really Legendary? Heineken’s “Odyssey” (and Its Aftermath)”

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