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Introducing Video ContentLab, a 522 company

Here at 522 we have prided ourselves on developing high quality custom video solutions for a wide range of clients. Over the past few months we have noticed a trend in the inquiries from prospects and conversations with current clients – they need more consistent video. A request we love to hear, but how can we provide high-quality video with larger quantities and on a consistent basis?

Introducing…. Video ContentLab!

Video ContentLab stems from our parent company, 522 Productions, where our passion and drive to make our clients look good led us to become one of the few video production companies to make the Inc. 5000 list in 2017, and now be recognized as a top video production company on DesignRush in 2019.

The idea for Video ContentLab came about by listening to our clients and paying attention to the marketing landscape. We believe the future of marketing is content marketing – providing your audience with consistent, quality material. Video will play a massive part in that strategy.

But as we look across the industry with an eye toward that future, we notice that a lot of marketing teams struggle to produce quality content on a consistent basis. We either see teams try to cobble internal resources together, or bolting on a person or entire team to handle the growing demand to produce video content. Both approaches face a unique set of challenges and rarely do marketers understand what it takes to both build and manage a video production department. We believe ContentLab provides the best solution: quality video content delivered on a consistent basis produced by people who love what they do.

ContentLab will focus on creating impactful video series with marketing teams of all sizes and budgets. Whether you need to engage employees or convert clicks into customers, we utilize the power of strategy, management, and technology to deliver you results from our first discovery meeting through final video deliverables.

With a newly developed pricing model, ContentLab allows high growth start-ups and the well-established corporation to become equals in the world of video content. So how does it work exactly? ContentLab offers video solutions at a small monthly rate to make sure your budget is maximized throughout the year.

We are excited to see how Video ContentLab can make an impact on your business and look forward to brainstorming your next video series to learn more check out the website at

522 made the LIST

Have you ever had that feeling where you need to be pinched because life’s too good that you must be dreaming? That’s us right now!

Every year Inc. 5000 compiles a list to rank the country’s top 5000 fastest-growing private companies. The 2017 Inc. 5000 list was released, and guess what? We made the cut. That’s right, 522 Productions is one of fastest growing private companies in the country!

It truly is an honor to be included on this list, and we couldn’t have done it without our staff, network, and of course, our clients. Thanks to our clients we are able to do what we love every day. Being trusted to tell their stories through our lenses is an honor all in itself, but we aren’t finished growing yet. We want to help more companies utilize video and we believe every organization deserves great video. Whether it’s an about us video, product demonstration, corporate or anything else you can think of, let us create it with you.

We’d like to thank the Inc. 5000 for including us on this year’s list among other notable companies, including Halo Top Creamery, Orangetheory Fitness, S’well, and Bitly. The Inc. 5000 list has included many amazing companies in the past that are now household names, such as Under Armour, GoPro, Microsoft, and Patagonia to name a few.

Take a look at the list for yourself to check out the other 4999 fastest growing private companies in the country.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Youtube Ads

YouTube ads may seem like a nuisance, but have you considered why that ad is playing with that video? Is there a strategy to it – and could you learn from the ad if you watched it?

Why YouTube?

YouTube is a remarkably popular site to place ads. In addition to showcasing visual content, which is highly appealing, there are several reasons marketers place ads on this site:

  • YouTube has over 1 billion users.
  • Video is the fastest growing marketing trend.
  • YouTube ads can build up your content marketing.
  • Video is a useful way to share product and service information.
  • YouTube ads increase website traffic.
  • YouTube has a higher conversion rate than other social advertisers.
  • YouTube ads are more cost effective than TV ads.


Why YouTube Places Certain Ads With Certain Videos

The ads that pop up during your YouTube experience aren’t random. In fact, many ads are tailored to you.

Marketers are deliberate people. They target demographics, geographic locations, audience interests, content, and even language when they create and place ads to ensure they’re relevant. For instance, a man in his 30’s may see an ad for work boots, but he probably wouldn’t see an ad for the latest chick flick.

Advertising to a targeted audience allows a brand to reach the people most likely to be interested in its products or services instead of a generic mass of people who won’t think twice before moving on.

Why Video Marketers Should Watch YouTube – And the Ads

Video marketers must always search for new strategies and ways to get their clients noticed. That’s exactly why video marketers need to watch YouTube and the ads.

If you’re in video marketing, watch YouTube multiple times each day. You may want to watch videos in a niche relating to your clients or watch some on a variety of topics to see what ads are placed where. This can give you insight into ad strategy and how you can use the same techniques for your own business.

How to Use the Ad Strategies for Your Marketing Campaigns

Now that you understand how YouTube ads are used and posted, utilize the same strategies for your own marketing campaigns. Try creating ads for your target audience to increase user interaction, and conduct experiments to see if you can enhance existing strategies or create your own.

One thing is certain: video marketing and video ads will only grow in popularity. Now is the time to start researching and watching YouTube ads to see what they’re doing and how their successes can be replicated in your own businesses. And, lastly….if anyone catches you watching endless YouTube videos at work – just say you’re researching!

Spotlight Case Study: Facebook’s “Look Back” Campaign

As it turns out, February was a big month for Facebook. From “A Look Back” to the purchase of WhatsApp, it seems Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has no shortage of surprises up his sleeve. On February 4th, Facebook celebrated its 10-year anniversary by offering users a customized video experience that captured their most memorable moments since joining the world’s largest social media platform. The response, to put it mildly, was overwhelming. Continue reading “Spotlight Case Study: Facebook’s “Look Back” Campaign”

Spotlight Case Study: GoPro’s Video Campaign Takes YouTube by Storm

GoPro, the company responsible for the take-everywhere cameras that have become hugely popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts and others, has recently released a video marketing campaign that changed the face of advertising. Customers have taken it upon themselves to create their own videos and upload them to YouTube, making GoPro the most popular channel on the video sharing site. While GoPro started their channel in an effort to promote their technology, they never imagined their customer’s videos would act as such great marketing for the little cameras. Continue reading “Spotlight Case Study: GoPro’s Video Campaign Takes YouTube by Storm”

Top Five Video Marketing Posts From Around the Web – August 2014 Roundup

Each month, we find the Top 5 video marketing posts on the internet. This past month, there were a ton of examples of how powerful video marketing can be for companies and organizations. The most famous campaign was probably the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which you may have experienced yourself (we sure did). Below, check out the top five posts about video marketing from the last 30 days: Continue reading “Top Five Video Marketing Posts From Around the Web – August 2014 Roundup”

The Top 5 Trending Videos You May Have Missed in August 2014

This month, many of the most popular trending videos were related to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where people were challenged to either pour a bucket of ice water over their head, donate to ALS research, or both. While many of these videos have gone viral, there are several non-Ice Bucket Challenge videos you might have missed. The following videos were some of August’s hottest: Continue reading “The Top 5 Trending Videos You May Have Missed in August 2014”

The Not Impossible Lab, Powered by Intel, Shakes Video Marketing & The World

To change the world, businesses must care about more than the bottom line. In a recent video, healthcare research firm Not Impossible Labs and tech giant Intel partnered to illustrate the impact brands can have on others.

In “Project Daniel,” Not Impossible co-founder and CEO Mick Ebeling travels to the Nuba Mountains in Sudan to help children impacted by limb amputations. Armed with a mobile 3D-printing prosthetic lab – the first of its kind – Ebeling meets 14-year-old Daniel Omar. Continue reading “The Not Impossible Lab, Powered by Intel, Shakes Video Marketing & The World”

Always Brand’s “Like a Girl” Campaign Makes Waves

One of the best ways a brand can get an audience on its side is to show it is on the audience’s side. This is exactly what P&G’s Always brand did in its recent “Like a Girl” video marketing campaign, which has spread its message far beyond the feminine hygiene products the company seeks to sell.

In the #LikeAGirl video, producers ask a group of young men and women to perform one or more actions – such as running, fighting, or playing a sport – “like a girl” would. The predictable – yet dismaying – behaviors that follow include a great deal of hair flipping, wrist flopping, and anemic running. Continue reading “Always Brand’s “Like a Girl” Campaign Makes Waves”

Nike’s “Re2pect” Campaign Demonstrates Successful Video Marketing

How does Nike’s Jordan Brand spell “respect?” R-E-2-P-E-C-T.

The new marketing campaign by the athletic apparel giant pulls out all the stops in its quest to honor one of its most celebrated athletes and promote its new pop-out brand. In this video, Nike marks the end of baseball great (and first Jordan-sponsored baseball player) Derek Jeter’s career in 2014 with a series of homages from fans, community members, and fellow athletes and celebrities. Continue reading “Nike’s “Re2pect” Campaign Demonstrates Successful Video Marketing”

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