Vine vs. Instagram: Which to Use for Short-Form Video

The battle is on! Vine and Instragram’s competition to dominate the short-form video market continues to intensify as traffic grows on each. With companies looking to streamline and make their video marketing efforts more efficient, it becomes challenging to decide which platform is better. The reality is, though, that Vine and Instagram serve very different audiences. Here’s when to use each: Continue reading “Vine vs. Instagram: Which to Use for Short-Form Video”

Why Twitter’s Vine Is Changing the Way We Market

As more internet users continue to increase their reliance on mobile devices, the way we advertise will continue to change and evolve. Advertising for mobile and social platforms focuses on what we call short form content, which is easy to digest and share. Consumers enjoy short form content because it easily engages and doesn’t require time investment like traditional content does. The latest trend in short form content is Twitter’s Vine. Instead of a 140-character tweet, users are limited to 6 seconds of video.

Brands have been jumping onto the Vine bandwagon. From Coca Cola to Dove to PBS, Vine is an extremely popular way for brands to reinforce their image in the minds of consumers. Because the videos are limited to a mere 6 seconds, brands have to work twice as hard to be creative and witty. The end result? A 6 second video where every frame has a purpose. Since the clips are so short and well thought out, brand posts on Twitter’s Vine tend to go viral and are considered a type of advertisement that consumers actually want to see. Continue reading “Why Twitter’s Vine Is Changing the Way We Market”

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