Virality. This is undoubtedly the goal of most video marketers, yet few ever achieve it 100 percent organically. By analyzing videos that have spread like wildfire across a large range of industries, we can predict statistical nuances required for video marketing success. Now, there’s no “viral marketing formula,” or else every brand would be engaged with this technique. But by understanding the common thread that unites successful viral marketing, it’s possible to better strategically plan your video content.

Of course, the science behind viral marketing isn’t exact, but there are many common similarities between videos that have gone viral and the responses they evoke in the brain. These responses that can be measured thoroughly enough to give a scientific explanation behind viral videos include:

  • An emotional trigger. This doesn’t mean that the video is meant or designed to have an emotional impact, but research shows that viewers overwhelming feel somethingwhen watching and sharing video that goes viral. This can range from something humorous to shocking, cringing, or admirable.
  • Have a plot twist. Most people who watch viral videos are surprised by the way it unfolds. Whether it’s unpredictability or some form of plot twist, people love the unexpected. This is why people love rooting for the underdog, because it’s a twist that no one expects.
  • Too good to keep secret. One of the things that researchers found is that viral videos all have a sense of shareability. While some videos may be too controversial or promotional, the ones that provide emotional impact with a plot twist are easy for people to share with their family and friends, especially on social media. This only stresses the emotional trigger. People who share the videos want others to share the experience, whether it’s laughing or cringing during a moment on-screen.
  • A personal element. You have to remember that YouTube was originally founded to help amateur videographers find a way to share their lives with family and friends. In other words, the entire site surrounds that personal aspect of showcasing a part of your life. Similarly, brands need to accomplish a sense of being personable and likeable through their videos. The more likeable a brand or business becomes, the more likely it is that their video will be shared.

Again, it’s impossible to predict whether or not something will become a viral video, but we can take control over the factors that are likely to increase the odds. Furthermore, viral marketing shouldn’t necessarily be your strategy or end goal. Many businesses don’t need a viral video in order for their video marketing to be successful. A local business, for instance, would be just as successful with 1,000 targeted views just as a national brand would be with a million.

Regardless, the most important consideration is to provide true value to your consumers and target audience through quality video content. There are many ways that a video can and should be promoted, but they can only be successful if the video itself is up to par. So ensure that your video marketing is made with quality content, and you’ll increase the effectiveness of the views you receive!