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Whether you’re trying to acquire new members, provide value to existing members, or strengthen your reputation in the industry, video serves as the ideal medium to accomplish these goals.

Out-inform your competition by delivering engaging value to both internal and external audiences, especially catering to the main reason members joined: value. In today's competitive marketplace, presenting consistent, compelling, and creative messages across all channels is essential for brand elevation and audience engagement. Partner with us to craft engaging videos that position your brand as an industry leader in this hyper-saturated landscape.

Association & Non-Profit Clients

In collaboration with Nuriman Abdureshid and the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, we crafted this video, driven by a shared purpose—to advocate for her family and countless others struggling in communism.

Thank you so much again to you and to the whole team. I watched this video and I cried from beginning to end. It was painful to watch, that means you got me, and you did the film right. I hope my message will be delivered to the Chinese government. Hope to see my family alive and well soon.
—- Nur Iman

Our work with associations & nonprofits:


We’re a non-profit video production company, and an educational video production company. We help nonprofits and associations with their video storytelling through testimonials, explainer videos, and more for clients like Iona Senior Services, Second Story, Charles Edison Foundation, Children’s Science Center, American Institute of Architects, and Free the Slaves.

How long does the process take?

All of our video projects take about 8-12 weeks depending on style, length, and complexity.

Types of videos:

  • Educational series
  • Brand video
  • Testimonial video
  • Fundraising video
  • Event Coverage video
  • Event Photography

Create a video for your association or non-profit

You spend every day helping others — isn’t it time that the world heard your story? A video for your nonprofit can build awareness, advocate for your cause, educate others on important issues, and create momentum for fundraising. It’s about the people you serve, not the organization itself, and we understand that level of dedication.

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