How Google+ Can Help Your Video Marketing



One of the growing trends in video marketing is the integration of Google+ into brands’ YouTube accounts. It’s been clearly documented that the search engine giant has been pushing Google+ across all its products, and YouTube is no exception. Instead of grudging at the thought of yet another update, brands and marketers alike should revel in the SEO benefits this provides for video marketing. By appropriately factoring Google+ into your video marketing campaign, you can strengthen the organic traffic that your video receives.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, of course, as the mega search engine also owns YouTube, which is considered to be the second largest search engine in the world! Now, this isn’t to say that Google+ will guarantee a front page ranking. However, implementing Google+ into your video marketing strategy will certainly make it easier for your video to be found, and certainly provide organic SEO benefits as well.

So how does Google+ help accomplish this?

You establish authority

Similar to Facebook likes, Google+ allows users to +1 (equivalent to a “like”) your content. While the +1 isn’t an end-all-be-all, it’s a huge social sign that your followers are engaged and paying attention. Undoubtedly, the more +1’s you have, the more likely Google is going to consider you an “authority” in a particular area. Because Google is consistently looking to improve the user experience with better results, those with greater authority will have an easier time getting their content – video and non-video alike – ranked.

You can establish authorship

Through Google+, you can claim “authorship” of your video marketing by ensuring that your post is published under the name of a specific person or business. Why is this important? Because a headshot of the author or logo of your brand will appear next to your video content, ensuring a higher click-through-rate. Furthermore, authorship unifies all content published by you throughout the web under your name. In fact, many businesses and bloggers even gain large followings because people like what they publish under authorship! Give your videos relevancy today by posting them on Google+ and adding authorship to the post.

Make it easier to share your videos

Aside from providing natural SEO benefits, it’s important to remember that Google+ is a social platform just like Facebook and Twitter. While it may not be the largest social media site in the world, Google+ is still incredibly powerful. Having a Google+ profile provides another way in which you can share your business’s video with fans and consumers alike. Furthermore, because Google+ is naturally integrated with other services such as Gmail, it’s easier than ever for consumers to share your video with each other.

Google+ is already mobile friendly

When it comes to marketing online, one of the trending considerations is ensuring that your content is optimized for mobile users. If you post or promote a video on Google+, you can rest assured that it’s optimized for this user base because Google+ is already integrated with mobile and responsive design. Of course, Google was ahead of the trend and while it’s not an explicit SEO factor, its usability and helpfulness for consumers should never be underestimated!

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