1. Your video has to go viral. One of the worst myths of video marketingis that a video that fails to go viral is a failed video – but since when did virility become the primary goal? The goal is to raise awareness and exposure for your business, and virility isn’t necessary to make this happen. For instance, a small business doesn’t need the same amount of views as a major corporation to be equally successful. You must consider the size of your business and intended audience before worrying about how many viewers your video marketing is engaging.
  2. No one will find it. With over 72 hours of footage uploaded to YouTube every minute, many businesses and brands wrongly believe that no one will find – let alone watch – their video marketing. However, when working with professional services that promote your video via social networks and also optimize the metadata for your video, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your video will receive traffic as soon as it’s posted, as well as organic traffic over time.
  3. It will bust my budget. While professional services can be expensive, the ROI for video marketing is one of the strongest out of any form of marketing. If you’re afraid about spending thousands on production or promotion, rest assured that you don’t need to. There are video solutions to every need and budget. You don’t have to have a Hollywood producer to be successful in your video marketing.
  4. It’s just for lead generation. Of course, you want your video marketing to result in more sales, but this shouldn’t be your only goal. While some videos can be heavily targeted towards encouraging visitors to make a purchase, others can be used to raise awareness, teach consumers how to use your product, or strengthen your online image. There are many reasons behind engaging in video marketing, and lead generation isn’t and shouldn’t be the only goal.
  5. It’s too time consuming. When you work with professional services, you don’t have to worry about video marketing taking too much time or resources away from you. Simply have a clear vision, and it’s fine to let others do the heavy lifting. However, you’ll still want to remain involved to ensure that the project is unfolding the way you want it to. But you don’t have to worry about spending too much time on it as though you were the producer.

In short, many fears that surround video marketing are unfounded. While it might not be the be-all-end-all solution, it is an extremely powerful one. Are you taking advantage of the incredible power of video?