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Vine vs. Instagram: Which to use for short-form video

The battle is on! Vine and Instragram’s competition to dominate the short-form video market continues to intensify as traffic grows on each. With companies looking to streamline and make their video marketing efforts more efficient, it becomes challenging to decide which platform is better. The reality is, though, that Vine and Instagram serve very different audiences. Here’s when to use each: Continue reading “Vine vs. Instagram: Which to use for short-form video”

Understanding Metadata for YouTube

Once you’ve uploaded a video onto YouTube, it’s important to ensure its metadata is optimized for discovery. This ensures that people who are searching for your content (or similar content) are able to find your brand and your marketing videos. After all, you don’t want to let all the hard work you put into creating your video go to waste. By optimizing your video’s metadata, you’re increasing the video’s chances for long-term success and discovery. Continue reading “Understanding Metadata for YouTube”

How to discover and take advantage of video trends

YouTube’s recent release of their new Trends Map is perhaps one of the greatest marketing tools that they’ve ever revealed. Showcasing video trends in various geographical locations of the country, YouTube’s Trends Map allows brands to discover videos or video topics that are gaining momentum. Similar to how the Harlem Shake took YouTube by storm earlier this year, brands that are able to discover video trends before they peak can join the action and take advantage of all that viral traffic! Continue reading “How to discover and take advantage of video trends”

How to approach B2B video marketing in 2013

When we think about video marketing, it’s easy to only think of consumers and how our video content is influencing them. However, video marketing can be used to approach business-to-business relationships as well. Because video has the power to educate, inform, and build brand awareness, it’s the perfect medium to reach that company you’ve always wanted to do business with – or to maintain the business relationships that you already have. Continue reading “How to approach B2B video marketing in 2013”

Why professionals are using private YouTube videos

When we think of video content from YouTube, we often think about what it takes to get a video to go viral. There are some cases, however, where going viral isn’t a good thing. Instead, the video creator decides to upload a private YouTube video for professional use. While private YouTube videos have long been an option for families and users wanting to share personal content, private videos for professionals have been a growing trend. Even if resources and time were spent to create a quality video, many professionals prefer to have the videos uploaded privately onto YouTube. Continue reading “Why professionals are using private YouTube videos”

Becoming a Premiere Pro (or semi-pro)

It’s official! 522 Productions has made the jump into Premiere Pro CS6. Up until now Final Cut Pro had been the only NLE I had used, and given the often hectic atmosphere of a video production company, I was uncertain I would be able to make a seamless transition into the new platform. But with a little time and patience, I’ve become quite comfortable with Adobe’s new system, and I’d like to share a few tips with you about how I was able to do this. Continue reading “Becoming a Premiere Pro (or semi-pro)”

Key factors in determining how and where to host your web videos

Over the last several years, the web video landscape has changed dramatically. At 522 Productions and 522 Digital, we used to do most of our Flash development in-house and relied heavily on our own custom video players to distribute/play video content on the web. But, as we continue to focus on storytelling and digital marketing, we wanted to find a better solution for our video hosting platform. Continue reading “Key factors in determining how and where to host your web videos”

Showyou: Find the interesting video content on the web

Right now, the most popular ways to find information on the web are through a combination of search engines, social networks, and other online communities. We either search ourselves on Google or leverage our friends on Twitter, Facebook, etc. As content on the web continues to grow, it will become increasingly more difficult for us to find information. Most importantly, it will be harder to find information that we like.
Continue reading “Showyou: Find the interesting video content on the web”

Vidyard: Five reasons to check out this web video hosting company

One of the most exciting things about working with web video is that the industry is constantly changing. We have to constantly monitor new technologies and analyze how video is consumed across various devices, including laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. With the various platforms involved, distributing video to your audience can be quite overwhelming. What works today may not be the best solution in six months.

In order to keep up with web video technologies, I’m constantly checking out Content Delivery Networks and other open-source video players. Recently, I was contacted by Vidyard and had an opportunity to get a demo of their interface. On the surface, Vidyard has quite a few things going for it. Here are five reasons to checkout this video hosting platform:
Continue reading “Vidyard: Five reasons to check out this web video hosting company”

The new YouTube interface: Four things to like

In July of 2011, YouTube provided “Cosmic Panda” for web users to try out new features. Well, late last week, YouTube launched its new interface for everyone and included many of the features that were available in test mode over the last few months. Here are four things that I really like:

Continue reading “The new YouTube interface: Four things to like”

Video hosting services – an important component to delivering video online

Delivering video over the web and on hundreds of mobile devices is a challenge these days. There are so many options and no standards. In fact, we’ve written a few articles in our blog about embedding video on your website and the status of HTML5 video. Regardless of the complexity in displaying videos, you still need to focus on where your video content is hosted.

Continue reading “Video hosting services – an important component to delivering video online”

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