Owned by social media giant Twitter, Vine allows users – and brands – to upload six second videos online. While originally designed for the Android, it has also taken iOS by storm. According to the latest statistics, approximately 2 million Vine videos are uploaded every day, making it one of the fastest growing sub-segments in social media.

Because Vine is limited to six seconds, it essentially feels like a glorified GIF. Thus, you want to use Vine to build awareness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be brand awareness, though. For instance, you could easily showcase new product features. In just a few seconds, you can capture what makes your product unique or how a new release differs from a previous version.

Of course, a short how-to video can be used with Vine as well. Furthermore, you can raise awareness about live events by inviting subscribers to an event. Feel free to give your viewers a taste of upcoming products!


On the other hand, Instagram allows videos to be up to 15 seconds in length. So aside from building awareness, you can be much more engaging and informational. For instance, you can create miniature promotional campaigns to showcase more of your product or brand. Remember, 15 seconds is half of the traditional television spot, so you have quite a bit of time to play with! Speaking of which, why not try a traditional ad-style video using Instagram?

Another creative idea is to create a video series. Whether you’re showing viewers how to maximize the use of your products or are creating extremely creative and engaging posts, 15 seconds gives you a lot of room for creativity while catering to the short-attention spans of web users.


Regardless of the benefits that both Vine and Instagram have to offer, it’s important to note that in the end, it’s important that you’re engaging through short-form video altogether. Because of their natural state as short clips, Vine and Instagram posts easily go viral and are easier to share these days than full blown promotional YouTube videos. Of course, a healthy video marketing campaign will not only utilize both, but figure out a way to use Vine and Instagram to enhance, build, and promote their larger video efforts.

The reality is that Vine and Instagram (no matter how “hot” the trend may be) are not the be-all-end-all solutions in video marketing. Instead, they’re powerful tools that enhance an already powerful marketing solution. By focusing on quality in every aspect of your video marketing, you can ensure that your viewers will continue returning for your future posts and that your videos will have the effect that you desire.