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Displaying your product or software effectively can be a challenge due to its complexity. Using technology explainer videos, brand videos, or animation can simplify and highlight its features. In the fast-paced tech industry, effective marketing is crucial. Video and animation present powerful tools to connect with your target audience. Whether showcasing a product demo, explaining concepts through animation, or rolling out a strategic video marketing campaign for your tech brand, these mediums help your company stand out in a competitive market. We have worked with dozens of companies to create award-winning videos for technology companies across the nation.

Technology Clients

We collaborated with Toast to showcase their abilities as a software company. Specifically, we teamed up with one of their clients, Trappers Sushi Co., to create insightful case studies that provide an inside perspective on leveraging technology within their stores.

These case studies shed light on the practical capabilities of Toast technology, showcasing how it can streamline operations and enhance the overall dining experience. Capturing the real-world impact and encouraging others to explore the benefits of incorporating such technology in their own businesses.

"We hired 522 Productions to help us develop a series of motion graphic videos that introduced a new piece of technology. 522 did an incredible job - the videos were amazing and met our intended goal of helping customers utilize our new tools and resources."
—- Kris Murphy

What types of videos do you make?

We create animated product software videos, technology explainer videos, live-action, technology software explainer videos, technology brand videos and more for clients like Booz Allen, Modzy, OPIS, Toast, and WeddingWire.

How long does the process take?

All of our video projects take about 8-12 weeks depending on style, length, and complexity.


  • Live Action demo videos
  • Animated product video
  • Explainer product video
  • Software product video
  • Software explainer
  • Technology brand video

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In the tech space, video production is a vital tool for communicating complex ideas and captivating audiences effectively. Partner with us to tell your story and boost your brand.

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