Facebook Videos Vs. YouTube: Who Has the Higher ROI?

With Facebook as the largest social media site on earth and YouTube the second largest search engine in the world, many brands are wondering which platform they should focus their marketing efforts on. While it’s best to invest in as many avenues as possible, each platform has different benefits depending on the goal of your brand’s advertising campaign. Since it’s impossible to fully invest in more than one platform, which one should get your primary attention? Continue reading “Facebook Videos Vs. YouTube: Who Has the Higher ROI?”

How Videos Improve Conversion Rates

Many businesses view videos strictly as a marketing tool for exposure and brand awareness. However, video content is versatile and can be used for numerous effects including improving conversion rates. Optimizing your company’s videos can advance your conversion rates and even help improve your site’s SEO over time. Several businesses have experienced a 46 percent improvement rate on conversions after the addition and optimization of video content. Continue reading “How Videos Improve Conversion Rates”

Running Towards Each Other in Slow Motion

I think that we can all agree, most things look cooler in slow motion.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw someone shoot a bullet at 1,000 frames per second or break a water balloon on some poor guy’s face in super slow mo. Slow motion has been around since I was a kid, I can’t remember a time without a slow mo replay on all of my favorite NFL moments. Its only recently, with the explosion of the internet, that we have seen total proliferation of slow motion video. I couldn’t be bothered to watch another balloon explode in slow motion, and as cool as a dog drinking in slow motion is, if you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it a million times. Luckily, the internet is to our rescue! Video makers are becoming more and more creative with this medium; just look at this UFC guy roundhouse kick eggs in the face! (they should have drawn faces on the eggs… just saying). Continue reading “Running Towards Each Other in Slow Motion”

How Video Content is Being Used Effectively in Schools

During the nine years that we’ve operated 522, the industry has changed quite a bit. We’ve seen video content migrate from DVDs to the web. In fact, we rarely encode DVDs at all anymore – they just aren’t practical. Videos aren’t just changing the ways businesses communicate; however. The increase in technology through iPads, laptops, and educational videos has helped shape the way that school systems are teaching children. While books are a standard necessity in the classroom, videos offer to do things that textbooks cannot. Continue reading “How Video Content is Being Used Effectively in Schools”

Replacing Content – An Innovative Way to use Video for Small Business

Over the weekend, Mashable posted an article about this very topic. The article was originally included on the American Express OPEN Forum and outlines four innovative ways to use web video for a small business.

The four methods that they mention are:

Continue reading “Replacing Content – An Innovative Way to use Video for Small Business”

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