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We partner with healthcare organizations, engaging in conversations and industry research to collaborate closely with your team. Our commitment to a balanced blend of creativity and strategy ensures the creation of impactful video content that tells your story effectively. We recognize that change is the one constant in healthcare. Our enduring partnerships within the industry ensure we stay abreast of evolving regulations, emerging technologies, and vital health trends that matter to your diverse audience. We work as your strategic partner, leveraging conversation, thorough industry research, and competitive analysis, we immerse ourselves in your subject matter to become true experts. These insights allow us to craft a pitch-perfect live action explainer video or a captivating and informative animated video.

healthcare Clients

In a collaboration with ISA Group, we unveiled the often silent stress experienced by African American women—a weight they carry with incredible resilience. Through dedication and care, we created an healthcare educational series that dives into the complexities of stress and offers a range of ways to ease its burden. With every frame and every word, our goal was clear: to provide comfort and support.

The potential impact of this series is immense. It stands as a source of guidance for the African American community, a tool to navigate stress. We believe in its power to heal and remind everyone that their struggles matter.

"We hired 522 to create a series of videos as part of a mobile cognitive–behavioral stress management intervention to help African American women manage racial and nonracial daily stress. The team at 522 was not only able to capture my original vision for the video series, but they enhanced it. They were always responsive to my feedback and they were willing to go the extra mile to make sure that I was happy with the final product."
—-ISA Group

What types of videos do you make?

We have worked on animated healthcare series, healthcare recruitment, instructional videos, live-action, healthcare explainer videos, and more for clients like the CDC, American Nurses Credentialing Center, ISA Group, Iona Senior Services, Children’s National Hospital, Dandy Dental, Health Central and more.

How long does the process take?

All of our video projects take about 8-12 weeks depending on style, length, and complexity.

Our work with educational institutions:

  • Healthcare educational series
  • Patient education videos
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • Medical explainer videos
  • Healthcare safety videos
  • Compliance video content

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