LOCATING YOUR LOCATION: 5 Tips to Finding Your Location on the Fly

Every video needs a location. Whether it’s in the Oval Office of the White House or your grandfather’s basement, your location is the stage for your video; it gives your story context. Finding the right location to set your story can be just as crucial as casting the right actors to tell it. This can prove to be challenging, especially with smaller budget projects with tight deadlines (my favorite!). Continue reading “LOCATING YOUR LOCATION: 5 Tips to Finding Your Location on the Fly”

Behind the Scenes of a Location Scout

We recently did a post explaining what a location is and how a project benefits from this process. Since location scouting can be difficult to subscribe, I decided to develop a video and show what it’s like.

The video below demonstrates what goes into a location scout and how this impacts a video project. The video provides a “behind the scenes” look into a location scout and shows how much fun we have with this phase of a project.

Preparing to Shoot Outdoors

Once you have decided how to tell your story (i.e., creative treatment) it is time to decide where the shoot will take place. In many cases during pre-production, the team determines that some of the video needs to be shot on location. The outdoors provide a realistic environment and are used when a studio just won’t cut it. I personally love shooting on location, but there are always a few things to prepare before getting started. Continue reading “Preparing to Shoot Outdoors”

Getting the Most out of Interviews

Interviews are an effective way to tell a story, share messages and add a human element to a video. At 522, we constantly integrate interviews into corporate marketing videos, short documentaries and other projects. Interviews provide great ammunition for the following: Continue reading “Getting the Most out of Interviews”

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