With Facebook as the largest social media site on earth and YouTube the second largest search engine in the world, many brands are wondering which platform they should focus their marketing efforts on. While it’s best to invest in as many avenues as possible, each platform has different benefits depending on the goal of your brand’s advertising campaign. Since it’s impossible to fully invest in more than one platform, which one should get your primary attention?

The Benefits of Focusing on Facebook

With more users than any other social network, Facebook has a lot of potential for brands that upload content on a regular basis. Keep in mind that any like, comment, or share on one of your posts exponentially increases your reach. Since videos engage internet users, they tend to get more views and interactions on Facebook than regular posts. Furthermore, users who enjoy your video content can easily share it with their family and friends. With a single click of a button, they can help your Facebook video go viral without you having to do any promotion.

Furthermore, many brands struggle with their Facebook presence. Whether they post infrequently or don’t know how to properly leverage a status update, many Facebook pages are in vain. Uploading a video alongside your optimized Facebook posts, however, sets you apart from your competitors. Consumers will notice your image as well as ability to post useful content. Your image on social media will go a long way in building trust with consumers. Consider growing your presence by continuing to upload more videos.

If a Facebook video isn’t going well, you can even pay to have it promoted. This means that it will appear more prominently on the news feeds of those who “like” your page. This ensures that your upload is visible and increases the chance of it catching on.

The Benefit of Focusing on YouTube

Unlike Facebook, YouTube uploads are available to the entire world. Your potential reach is much higher and users can share the video on and off the site. YouTube also allows your business to earn money from ads that play before your video. If you strike a viral video, you could even recoup the investment cost from ad earnings!

Since people can subscribe to your YouTube channel, you can begin building an online community. It’s also important to remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Keeping this in mind, you can create a video content strategy focused on taking advantage of organic YouTube searches. With YouTube, you aren’t limited to the confines of a social media site. The entire internet is at your fingertips.

Your video has an increased chance of going viral because of searched, related videos, and users who share the video with their friends. Who knows – you might even be selected to be featured on the front page of YouTube, bringing instant attention to your brand.

The Benefits of Using Both Platforms

Again, most brands would benefit from using both YouTube and Facebook. Choosing which platform your brand will focus on is an individual decision. Consider whether you want to build your social media presence or focus on the potential of going viral. Deciding your end goal will determine which platform is best for you.