Video Production Process

May 10, 2024

Welcome to the video production process. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of the video production process, breaking down the steps from script to screen. While the video production process will vary based on style, content, timeline, effort, and budget, there are some basic building blocks that are constant among successful video producers.

  • Pre-Production: planning and coordination 
  • Production: capture all of the elements that will be in your final video
  • Post-Production: video and audio are edited together and combined to create the final video

Step 1: The Idea

Every video production originates from an idea. The majority of our clients approach us with an idea of a video they want to produce, and we collaborate closely with them to craft a distinctive and personalized creation tailored to their business. This process is driven by alignment with their objectives and the specific needs of their target audience. Among all the stages, this phase is often the most fun as we are able to explore diverse concepts and conduct research to determine the optimal approach for each individual client.

Step 2: Scripting

Once we’ve gotten your idea to the right place, it’s scripting time! Where dialogues are carefully crafted, scenes are planned out, and structure emerges. When producing video content, our approach varies depending on its nature. For interview-based videos, we curate questions and facilitate a dynamic dialogue. Conversely, for scripted videos, we craft a script to guide the speakers. Typically, scripted videos are used for educational or training purposes, ensuring consistency to effectively convey the intended message to the audience.

Examples of unscripted videos:

Examples of scripted videos:

Step 3: Assembling the Dream Team

Assembling the right crew is like creating a delicate recipe; each ingredient (read: team member) brings its own flavor. Every individual on the team enhances the video’s value by providing diverse perspectives and ideas that enrich the final product.

Step 4: Post-Production

Fast forward to the editing room – where the magic really happens. Hours of footage get sifted through, trimmed, polished, and stitched together. This is part of the video production process where all of the pieces of the puzzle mesh together to create a story.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap! Now you have a general outline of what it’s like to be a part of the video production process. While there are many other aspects of video production we haven’t delved into, these four steps provide the foundation for creating a video. 

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