Facebook has recently updated features to its news feed. From first glance, posts are substantially larger and activities highlighted on the side bars have become much larger as well. The most distinct change is the amount of visuals vs. text. Facebook has previously gone through the debate of whether to make the site more visual or not. With the new changes, Facebook ultimately has decided that visuals would take center stage and become one of the most important aspect of the site.

Here are five key benefits for your business from Facebook’s news feed changes.

    1. Less words, more visual.

      Since the news feed has moved from three columns to two, each page post has become bolder and more visually appealing. Images and videos are a substantial size, where “check ins” and “likes” are more apparent. Additionally, users are able to mark post as a “top post” and save it for later.

    2. Larger ads and sponsored stories

      . Your paid ad will now be more noticeable and could be misinterpreted as an update for users who are not following your company page.

    3. Filtered categories.

      New “following” category will expose your followers to every single one of your post

    4. Larger emphasis on Sharing.

      Shared articles have a bigger picture and lengthier introduction summary with the logo of the publishers. Shared stories will also show how many different people share the post and what they said about it.

    5. More noticeable events.

      Events are more visual and appear on a calendar. Campaigns and hosted events will be promoted automatically on the side bar of your page

As history has shown, Facebook will continue to change and evolve. Try to embrace these changes and adapt to stay ahead of the social media game. How do you feel about Facebook’s news feed changes? Let us know below!