Have you ever visited a company’s website and felt it lacked a human touch? Brands that use bland content and stock photos fail to engage with customers, leaving their organization destined to be left behind as the virtual sphere of commerce evolves. One of the best ways to humanize your brand and improve engagement is with video content. Regardless of industry, implementing the following ideas will help customers connect with your brand on a new and interesting level.

About Us Page

Traditionally, “About Us” pages can be boring. They often include a few paragraphs about company history, services, or products. Perhaps there’s a blurb about the CEO with a picture next to it. This type of organizational profile has become the standard, but it can be highly uninteresting. That’s when videos come to the rescue. A short video that includes members of the team, a tour of headquarters, or a brief interview with the founder can communicate much more than text ever will.

Social Media

It’s not enough for video content to live on your website; it must be distributed across multiple channels. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and more, are ideal for expanding the reach of your branded video and letting others know how interesting, trustworthy, and human your brand is. By distributing video content through social media, businesses generate quality leads from customers who already identify on some level with the brand. Engagement with video on multiple social media platforms can be analyzed, giving brands insight into the most effective strategies.


If you’re uncomfortable filming members of your team, creating a video testimonial is a good option because a viewer is receiving a recommendation for your brand from a non-biased party, which builds trust. Video gives the viewer an opportunity to make a human connection. When a customer testimonial comes from someone your viewer can identify with, it helps fortify his or her confidence in your brand. To be effective, customer testimonials should be planned, produced professionally, and come from an actual satisfied customer – not an actor playing a role.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Does your brand have a unique history, purpose, or goal? Telling your brand’s story through video is an effective way to communicate value to your audience. Keep it interesting by featuring eye-catching visuals and showing a variety of real people while clearly communicating the purpose of the video. Video can capture authenticity by giving viewers a real, behind the scenes look at your organization.

Moving Forward

As the internet transforms and video becomes the preferred form of online media, brands will need to get creative if they want to capture and hold the attention of their audience. With the help of analytics, businesses can monitor the progress of their video campaigns and adjust future campaigns to produce better results. By creating original video content, brands integrate their voice into compelling visual content that receives more shares, likes, and social mentions than other forms of media.

In your opinion, what’s the best way to add personality to branded videos?