A few years ago, a video featured a Coca Cola vending machine placed on a college campus and was dubbed the Happiness Machine. This vending machine, instead of merely serving 20 oz. Coke bottles, also offered pizzas, flowers, balloon animals, 2 liter bottles of coke, and even a 6 foot long sub sandwich. The video became an instant hit.

Well, this past month, Coca Cola took a more serious tone with one of their happiness machines. Checkout the Coca-Cola Hello Happiness Photo Booth video below.

The Marketing Behind the Machine

Coca-Cola achieved many marketing goals with this latest installment of Happiness:

  • Coke has done something the competition has not done.
  • The target market (perhaps a younger generation with an eye on social good) was reached.
  • Coke re-ignited a previous campaign and extended the reach to a more global audience.
  • The brand successfully associated itself with happiness and giving.

Be Like Coke

Other companies can recreate this sort of success. Here are a few key steps we identified:

  • First, an idea. Sure, not every company has the funds and access to create a Happiness Machine, but your idea can be equally as great without the overhead cost. Aim for your target demographic, and make a splash by boldly trying something different. See what your immediate competition is rolling out, and then make your approach newer, fresher, and better.
  • Then, a plan. If funds are scarce, planning may be a bigger step. An idea that is low-budget and big-impact requires careful execution and planning.
  • Next, a product. Dedicate time, effort, and manpower to creating a video that adheres to the image of your band and makes the statement you are hoping to make. Taking a chance with the reactions of strangers, as Coca-Cola did, is bold, but sometimes boldness goes viral.
  • Finally, an audience. Post, repost, tweet, retweet, blog, vlog, Instagram, and Pin it. Do whatever necessary to get people seeing, sharing, and talking about your winning idea.

What is your next marketing strategy?