UK-based marketing company, The Genius Bar, worked with its client, Research Now, to produce an animated “modern fairy tale” to promote its services. The objective of the project was to feature Research Now’s offerings to clients in both the UK and the US.

Research Now is a data-collection company, and its solution highlighted in the fairy tale is OnDimesion. This tool provides information about recent online consumer trends via feedback collection and analysis. Ultimately, it helps Research Now’s clients identify the most lucrative demographics to target.

The Genius Bar successfully produced an impressive example of storytelling as a business marketing strategy. With a budget of approximately $15,000, here’s a recap from the Content Marketing Institute on how it was developed:

  • Research Now suggested that the story take the shape of a fairy tale, so a script writer who specializes in children’s content created the 12-verse rhyme. This rhyme perfectly encapsulated the premise of OnDimension.
  • A graphic designer was hired for the hand-drawn animation. This same individual completed the storyboard, as well as a sample animation.
  • Research Now approved of the storyboard – the sequential organization of images that would play through the video – and the sample, and agreed to the full production.
  • The next portion of the process was more complicated. The narration had to be carefully delivered at the appropriate pace in order to correspond with the correct scenes. An actor was selected and the recording was complete within 2 hours.
  • At this point, the more standardized production process was put in motion. It was eventually converted into an MP4 format, which enables the video to be viewed on any platform. This procedure was complete in approximately 2 weeks.
  • A few extra changes were made, such as the addition of sound effects, and the first version of the project was ready for the client. Research Now was pleased with the outcome, but did request some changes. For instance, the team realized that music would be necessary to further solidify the theme.
  • After the requested revisions, the final product was delivered and has since proven to be a great success. Research Now is extremely happy with the finished product and they have used it extensively on social media. It has enabled them to introduce their new products to audiences that would have been difficult to communicate with otherwise.

What do you think of the OnDimesion video? Does it fully describe the function of the product in an entertaining and enjoyable manner?