The fact that video results in higher conversion rates shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Unlike written content where the text is static and dependent upon the reader, video gives a face to your business and allows the consumer to connect with your company and its ideals.

Videos grab attention. Whether it’s a stunning visual, captivating music, or an intriguing narration, a quality video can grab a user’s attention within a few seconds. Once the consumer is engaged, the video can quickly cover a lot of content very quickly.
Videos explain. Businesses are taking advantage of “explainer videos.” These videos explain the mission or story of a business. People naturally want to learn, and explainer videos provide an opportunity for learning while explaining a problem that consumers have and how a business can fix it.
Videos improve SEO. Companies that upload videos to YouTube benefit from Google’s favor towards their video branch. Having a video on your webpage can increase statistics such as how long people stay on a page and increase click-through-rates. When combined, these factors improve SEO.


While videos can improve conversion rates, the video must first be effective. Remember that the internet is consistently lowering the average attention span of daily users. Videos must catch attention from the start. Furthermore, various elements must be implemented to keep the user engaged throughout the entire clip.

Fortunately, taking advantage of “explainer videos” as referenced above, is an effective way to improve conversion rates. While audiences typically watch less than 30 seconds of a video, explainer videos are watched on average for approximately 2.7 minutes. Compare this statistic with the fact that on average only 28 percent of website text is read.

Explainer videos are so effective because they take advantage of both visual and verbal learning. Videos stress verbal learning by visually repeating information into the viewer’s mind. To be especially productive, businesses should look to explain their story or concept within 60-120 seconds. Maintaining this timeframe forces video creators to cut out any fluff and dive straight into the captivating content, thus keeping the viewer’s attention.

By crafting short and concise videos, the presentation also benefits because the values of the company as well as the benefits of their products and services are combined quickly with video, speech, and any extra graphics. Persuasive speech is good, but the more a video can focus on explaining a concept or story, the more likely it is to be effective. Furthermore, shorter videos have a greater share-ability than longer ones. Since the video is so short, it takes very little time to impress, and is likely to be quickly shared with family and friends.

Have you tried using “explainer videos” to improve your conversion rates yet? If so, share your tips below!