YouTube ads may seem like a nuisance, but have you considered why that ad is playing with that video? Is there a strategy to it – and could you learn from the ad if you watched it?

Why YouTube?

YouTube is a remarkably popular site to place ads. In addition to showcasing visual content, which is highly appealing, there are several reasons marketers place ads on this site:

  • YouTube has over 1 billion users.
  • Video is the fastest growing marketing trend.
  • YouTube ads can build up your content marketing.
  • Video is a useful way to share product and service information.
  • YouTube ads increase website traffic.
  • YouTube has a higher conversion rate than other social advertisers.
  • YouTube ads are more cost effective than TV ads.


Why YouTube Places Certain Ads With Certain Videos

The ads that pop up during your YouTube experience aren’t random. In fact, many ads are tailored to you.

Marketers are deliberate people. They target demographics, geographic locations, audience interests, content, and even language when they create and place ads to ensure they’re relevant. For instance, a man in his 30’s may see an ad for work boots, but he probably wouldn’t see an ad for the latest chick flick.

Advertising to a targeted audience allows a brand to reach the people most likely to be interested in its products or services instead of a generic mass of people who won’t think twice before moving on.

Why Video Marketers Should Watch YouTube – And the Ads

Video marketers must always search for new strategies and ways to get their clients noticed. That’s exactly why video marketers need to watch YouTube and the ads.

If you’re in video marketing, watch YouTube multiple times each day. You may want to watch videos in a niche relating to your clients or watch some on a variety of topics to see what ads are placed where. This can give you insight into ad strategy and how you can use the same techniques for your own business.

How to Use the Ad Strategies for Your Marketing Campaigns

Now that you understand how YouTube ads are used and posted, utilize the same strategies for your own marketing campaigns. Try creating ads for your target audience to increase user interaction, and conduct experiments to see if you can enhance existing strategies or create your own.

One thing is certain: video marketing and video ads will only grow in popularity. Now is the time to start researching and watching YouTube ads to see what they’re doing and how their successes can be replicated in your own businesses. And, lastly….if anyone catches you watching endless YouTube videos at work – just say you’re researching!