Why We Explore New Camera Options In Video Production


At 522 we always seek new ways to tell stories. My favorite way to do this is with a camera.

It’s no secret that technology changes everyday. Camera systems are no different. Image quality, post-production options and functionality constantly evolve. At 522, we love to explore new camera options, find the best tool, and ultimately select the right camera for each project.


Why it’s Important to Analyze New Cameras

Although we certainly have been effective using a few different cameras, we’re always looking to test new cameras. If you don’t consider new equipment, here’s what can happen:

  • Image quality doesn’t improve with ongoing projects
  • Footage can look outdated
  • Options become limited in post-production
  • The overall quality fails to keep pace with the industry

The Benefits of Using New Cameras

We stand behind getting the best possible image for your video. A better image gives us more flexibility with our clients’ projects. We have more flexibility in post-production and ways to move the camera. Newer cameras give us more opportunities with editing (i.e., color correction) and the ability to tell a better story. By using the latest cameras, we can select the best option for each project and deliver a final product that exceeds expectations.


What’s the Latest Buzz on New Cameras?

The hot new items in our area of video production are the Sony F55Black Magic Cinema Camera, and the Red cameras. In fact, I have already gotten to play around with these. We’re heading back to the rental house to conduct an intensive test and determine which upcoming projects might benefit the most.

Here’s a look at a recent camera test we did with a few of these cameras:

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