Because any thought that starts with “what if” opens the doors to endless creative possibilities. To things that haven’t been done before. Or tweaks to things that have. And during the collaboration process, “what if” sparks others’ creativity.

Our company was founded on “what if”. What if we started a video production company founded on the principals of the digital revolution. Where anything is possible. Where we embrace the latest technologies and techniques to create videos that inspire. To actually listen to our client’s requirements, and collaborate with them to deliver what they need. And more.

So whenever we start a new project, I ask myself “what new approach can we take?” What if we promote a conference inspired by a movie trailer? What if we make a recruiting video that actually makes people want to work there? Or a training video that people might actually enjoy?

Sometimes the video might require a particular format that we’ve never tried before, or something we’ve done a hundred times. Challenging ourselves with “what if” ensures we look at each video project with a fresh perspective.

This approach has landed us more than a few compliments over the years. But the highest praise revolves around how our work “feels different”. Or that “it’s not like other corporate videos we’ve come across.” We’ve heard that more and more as we continue to grow and push ourselves to the limit. And sometimes – for one reason or another – we may not even wind up working with those who pay us those compliments. But at least they understand that we do things a little differently.

And that’s the whole point.