While it’s still unclear exactly how MixBit will fit into the marketing paradigm, one thing is certain: it is a game changer. You see, despite the complex offerings, MixBix boasts an incredibly sleek and intuitive interface that’s extremely easy to use. Despite its ease, MixBit still packs a powerful punch when it comes to editing capabilities. Though videos can’t currently be shared to YouTube, we’re sure this feature will be added later on, especially since it’s by the creators behind YouTube. Not sure how MixBit will affect video marketing?

Here’s what brands and video marketers alike can expect.


We can’t stress this trend enough. Consumers want to engage, and if given the opportunity, they’ll deliver. One of the key features of MixBit is that your friends or the greater public can add onto your original post, creating a completely new piece of video content. Of course, while brands might not necessarily want to engage in this, there are two takeaway lessons:

  1. If MixBit takes off, it’s because of the engagement factor. Should this happen, it would be wise to consider incorporating user-generated content into your video marketing strategy, as user-generated content is what makes all these sharing services so popular. Whether you hold a contest for video submissions or surf for original content, there’s a large opportunity for users to be involved.
  2. Engagement is changing the way everyone approaches marketing. Viewers want the ability to add their voice to the conversation, even if it’s a business or brand that’s leading it. While you’re certainly providing an opportunity for your consumers to be engaged through social media, are you making it easy? In other words, you want to ensure that your social media presence is easily integrated into your website and video marketing efforts.

As the implications of MixBit continue to manifest, it’s proof that there’s always room for improvement and that the video marketing industry can always be changed with just a major release. While businesses and brands can manage Vine, Instagram, and MixBit advertising in-house, it’s definitely a wise decision to invest in professional services for long-lasting and impactful video marketing. By making a lasting impression via video, you can ensure that your brand is taking advantage of one of the most powerful tools available in marketing today