One of the best parts of working with digital communications is that you get the opportunity to learn about new technology…constantly. We love when we have the chance to learn about cutting-edge products and develop marketing videos or product launch videos to support them.

Lately, I’ve been keeping my eye on all of these mobile payment technologies. Some of the major players like PayPal and Google Checkout are really trying to position themselves as leaders in mobile payments. Pretty soon, all of us will probably have a “digital wallet” of some sort and our shopping experiences will be driven by our mobile device. We will be able to view deals and search for products based on location. Then, we’ll be able to select the best value and purchase right from our phone.


Over the last few days, I’ve actually come across a few videos that try to capture some of the vision for mobile payments. CNET posted an article today about PayPal’s new offerings. The article discussed the company’s new payment platform and included a video (first video embedded below). Also, I came across an article on TheStrategyWeb that included a video about Google Wallet and how this technology may work in the near future (second video embedded below).