Since March 2020, we’ve seen productions canceled, in-person events turned virtual, and clients unsure about the future of their video projects. This uncertainty has had a huge impact on organizations around the world, forcing us to adjust communication plans and capture their audiences effectively – which includes tighter budgets and bigger outcomes. That’s where video marketing strategy comes in. While we’re back on set capturing footage in-person, we’ve had our own adjustments to make to provide the best experiences, videos, and services to our clients.

Curious about what we’ve been doing to help our clients achieve their video marketing goals? Onward!

Something we’ve been doing with our clients who need videos to support their virtual events, current initiatives, or company communications has been utilizing user-generated content. Although the look & feel may be different, it’s refreshing to see real, raw content in a time like this. Leaning into the user-generated feel is something that we’ve found to be comforting, engaging, and simply human.

To get the best quality, we often send our participants some form of lighting, audio, and camera-tripod gear. We’ve created a Self-Tape Production Guide that reviews how to frame a camera, get the best lighting, and even choose a killer shirt to wear. Our team helps participants troubleshoot, get set up, and record so they’re never in it alone.

As we said, we’re back on set! We’ve adjusted our production schedules, production processes, and have manned our crews with proper PPE and up to date guidelines to keep those onsite safe. Of course, things are different… but we’re makin’ it work.

To minimize the size of our crew, we provide video call links to our clients so they’re able to see everything that goes down via Zoom, and we have crew members monitoring the feed to track client questions and comments. We’re also able to utilize our office space in Alexandria as a production studio for an interview set up, b-roll, and other shoots as needed. Indoor filming is not always ideal in a moment like this, but we’re constantly adapting our COVID precautions to make sure it’s safe for everyone.

Filming outside allows for a safer environment and more space, as well as some beautiful views – mother nature am I right? Filming outdoors is a great precaution to take, and we do our research to avoid crowded areas and ensure quality airflow. And, we capture natural lighting, which looks good on everyone!

In some cases, it makes sense to show technology in your video and use it as a means to deliver your messaging. Not sure? We’ll explain.

In an organization that virtually meets and communicates already, interviewing your employees for a brand video through the computer screen might just be on-brand. Especially in a time where most of us are working remotely, it can be a great way to resonate with your audience, who are going through this with you. After all, we’re all in this together, one (or 20) Zoom call at a time.

Let us help you get started.

We are not only your video company, we’re your video agency. Let us help you prioritize your videos, evaluate your existing content, and develop your new message to share with your audiences. Our team of experienced video marketing professionals will not only work to deliver your videos on time and within budget, they will partner with you to help make sure your fundraising video tells the right stories to encourage support, your marketing video educates your audience on your value and competitive advantage, your training video provides easy to understand information that can be complex in writing alone, your brand video gets the word out on who you are and how you can help your existing or new audiences.

We know it can be really difficult to navigate video production in general, especially now when things are constantly changing. Which is why we’re here for you. If you’re wondering how you’ll execute your next video project, give us a call, send us a note – we even accept carrier pigeons.