Because financial institutions offer interactive and hyper-personalized services, it only makes sense to include video in their marketing strategy. Video offers an effective way to authentically engage audiences, even more so than written text and other traditional advertising mediums. Connecting audio & visuals provides an immersive experience for the viewer, eliciting emotional connection, deeper understanding of messaging, and has proven to increase viewer engagement across mediums.

So, how can financial institutions revamp their marketing efforts by adding video? We’ve listed some tips below. Check it out!

Customers love to be appreciated – especially for continuing to provide their business to your organization over a period of time. Sharing a short & sweet thank you video with your customers to tell them how much you value them instills positive associations between your bank and your customers. It’s a really great way to humanize your institution and keep folks coming back.

Financial institutions typically have really compelling origin stories. Customers love to know the history of the organizations they work with, and how that history has impacted the current functions, values, and initiatives of the organization. Telling stories is also an effective way to illustrate the foundations of your financial institution, especially when you relate those stories directly to your customer experiences.

Personalization is KEY for building loyalty and increasing engagement rates across marketing channels for organizations. Because financial institutions offer hyper personalized services, it only makes sense that their marketing efforts do the same. One way to do so is to create overview videos, specifically made to educate customers about their personal financial standings, or perhaps how they can customize their financial plans to achieve their personal dreams.

Connecting with customers has never been more important. Financial institutions need to show their audiences they understand their personal financial needs, and that they’re there to help them achieve their goals – every step of the way.

HEAR FROM OUR CLIENTS. This year, we partnered with Andrews Federal Credit Union to help them send a message to their customers about what they’re doing to keep their institutions clean & safe during the pandemic. It was used to inform customers and helped their audiences feel comfortable & connected during such a turbulent, uncertain time. Check out the final product!

If you’re a financial institution looking to do that, give us a ring. We’re here to help.