How do you showcase your organization’s unique offerings, expertise, and connect with prospective patients and partners? Video. Video storytelling is a pivotal strategy to authentically connect with your audience and humanize your healthcare organization. A powerful brand anthem can give viewers insight into the passionate, caring doctors on staff and how patients always come first. A training video can offer valuable information to the staff you’re onboarding, welcome them to the team, and give them a genuine glimpse into how things work. A patient testimonial can be a great addition to any web page or social platform, giving viewers information about the quality of care from a real patient who has experienced what it’s like to work with you. We’ve compiled some tips to help you humanize your healthcare organization through video.

Your organization serves a powerful purpose for your community but the story you share, will drive your outcomes. Telling the story about your healthcare organization – perhaps how it was founded, what it stands for, the work you’ve accomplished throughout the years – is a great way to connect to your audience and give them a profound reason to work with you, or use your services.

For healthcare organizations, educating your audience is a critical component l to achieving your initiatives, but can be difficult depending on your target audience, especially when explaining complex ideas about policy, procedure, or processes. Video is a great tool to illustrate and educate your audience, because it is a medium that people understand and want to engage with while online. . Try using animated videos – infographics and icons to detail procedures or policies can be beneficial when trying to inform viewers.

Trust is the foundation of any medical practice or organization and it drives a lasting relationship with your team and your community., Using video to showcase the day-to-day at your practice, real examples of success stories or customer testimonials, and insights into your organization’s staff, leadership, and history not only maintains trust, but also cultivates a community of advocates for your institution.

We’ve worked with healthcare and public health organizations throughout the past 16 years, helping to spread awareness, build trust, and engage audiences. We’re familiar with the challenges and intricacies of the public health industry, and have crafted strategic video solutions to help organizations achieve their goals.

HEAR FROM OUR CLIENTS. We partnered with Best Doctors, a telehealth medical services that provides second opinions and informed diagnosis to those looking for more information about their personal health, in order to create a testimonial video for their organization. In this video, we hear from Sasha who found her life-changing diagnosis through the help of Best Doctors. Best Doctors provided her with not only piece of mind, but also the right diagnosis that helped her manage her symptoms and learn to control her disease correctly. By showcasing this true customer success story, Best Doctors humanizes their virtual service, providing credibility and instilling a sense of trust within their viewers. Check it out!