Vine & Instagram Dominate 2013

Statistics show that when it comes to growth, Vine and Instagram forged ahead of many other networks in 2013. Vine was ranked as the fastest growing app of 2013, with a growth rate of 403%. This was more than double the growth rate of the second fastest growing app, Flickr, at 146%. Instagram followed close behind Flickr with a growth rate of 130%, much of which can probably be attributed to the fact that it launched Instagram Video, another micro video service that allows users to make longer videos of up to 15 seconds. YouTube ranked a bit lower at 110% still earning the seventh spot for app growth but showing that micro video came out on top.

Micro Video in 2014

According to Jayson DeMers at Forbes, the rise of micro video will be a major social media trend in 2014. He notes that our approach to social media seems to be getting shorter and shorter – we’ve moved from 140 character tweets and 3 minute YouTube videos to micro videos that are as short as 3 seconds (on Instagram Video) and yet still send a message. This trend is likely due to information overload – with so much data at our fingertips through social media channels, photo and micro video sharing apps are probably on the rise because they allow us to send the same message in a much shorter period of time.

How Top Brands Are Using Micro Video

How have top brands been using micro video on Vine and Instagram over the past year? Let’s take a look:

  • Showing off New Products: Many brands use both Vine and Instagram to show off new products. For example, Wendy’s debuted a new menu item, their flatbread sandwiches, on Vine, while retailer Lululemon used Instagram to introduce new fashions. Vine is great for quick a look at a new product, while Instagram Video allows you to go into more detail.
  • Sharing Short Promos: Another way to use micro video is to share short commercials or promos. For instance, Trident created a simple 6-second promo for a new Trident Layers flavor on Vine. Use Instagram Video to debut slightly longer commercials with more information.
  • Going Behind-The-Scenes: A quick look behind the scenes is another great way brands are using Vine and Instagram. For example, Nascar used Vine to show exclusive footage of their drivers prepping for a big race. Other brands use Instagram Video for brief interviews with employees and executives.