1. Google

One brand that is really succeeding on YouTube is, of course, Google. According to The Touchstorm Video Index, which looked at channels on YouTube with the highest amount of views (at least 43 million), Google is the number one brand on YouTube. How does Google do it? Owning the social network probably doesn’t hurt, but Google also stands out with its wide variety of channels, videos that detail its charity work, and behind-the-scenes looks.

2. Red Bull

Red Bull is another brand outperforming the rest on YouTube. According to Statista’s rankings of brands with the most subscribers on YouTube, Red Bull is number one with close to 3 million subscribers, and it’s number two according to The Touchstorm Video Index. Red Bull stands out with its focus on extreme sports and its “In the Red Bull Studio” series, which offers live musical performances.

3. Evian

According to The Touchstorm Video Index, Evian only ranks as number ten amongst brands on YouTube, but Evian also managed to snag the top spot amongst brands on the 2013 list of most-watched YouTube videos. The first year that brands made it onto the list, only three achieved this feat. Evian’s “Baby & Me” video went viral, with over 68 million total views, showing that babies are always a good YouTube strategy.

4. Volvo

Volvo was another brand that made it onto the most-watched YouTube videos list, coming second to Evian amongst brands with over 61 million views for their “The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)” video. This video showed Jean-Claude Van Damme performing his famous split, which takes place between two trucks that are reversing. Both Volvo and Red Bull show that you have to go to extremes to gain viewers on YouTube.

5. PlayStation

PlayStation is another brand with a lot of subscribers and viewers on YouTube. The Touchstorm Video Index ranks it at number six, while Statista ranks it at number two with over 2 million subscribers. The PlayStation YouTube channel is a gamer’s dream, with new product launches and trailers for coming video games.

6. Marvel Entertainment

Ranked number three by The Touchstorm Video Index, Marvel Entertainment also has a large YouTube viewership. Offering movie trailers, a Marvel Super Heroes series, and news updates from the company, this YouTube channel has something for everyone.

7. Rockstar Games

Another gaming channel, Rockstar Games, is ranked third on Statista’s list with over 1.7 million subscribers. They provide their viewers with playlists for their most popular games, including trailers and gameplay videos. Rockstar Games also offers channels in a wide variety of languages for viewers across the globe.