The weather remains hot (or unseasonably cool in some parts of the country), and people are spending a great deal of time watching videos in the air-conditioned comfort of their homes – or poolside on their smartphones.

In July, a bevy of new videos gained popularity among online video viewers. Their topics and tone vary widely, but all possess compelling content that keeps individuals of all ages watching and sharing.

The top 5 videos of July include:

  1. Game of the Thrones. Are you used to seeing Buckingham Palace guards standing woodenly in front of the royal mansion? Check out this entertaining video, in which they perform the Game of Thrones theme. Lovers of British ideals, royalty, or the hit HBO show will enjoy the culture clash it presents.
  2. Weird Al does it again. Speaking of Royalty, Yankovic parodies pop favorite Lorde in his new music video for “Foil.” With special guest Patton Oswalt, he pokes fun at the gritty, somber tone of the “Royals” video by reflecting on the complexities of food storage. Then things get even weirder in the second verse as Weird Al launches into a diatribe about government conspiracy. Watch until the end to find out what Oswalt is hiding!
  3. Wow Street. View this documentary-style take on the Wall Street protestors to learn the perspectives of individuals in various circumstances, from a former Wall Street employee that loves capitalism to a recently out-of-work construction worker. Images of the diverse crowds showing up to protest inequality show the growing resistance comprises individuals of myriad races and backgrounds.
  4. Wheelchair Fetch. For dogs and their humans, a simple game of fetch is a delightful way to spend a summer day. Add a wheelchair to the equation, and this group of “handi-capable” canines provides a fun and inspiring romp. Enjoy watching these aww-dorable pups use their own mobile devices to play. Warning: Turn down the volume if you have a low tolerance for the “yap” factor!
  5. “Kids React.” This web series has yet to fail and has been parodied in countless ways. In their latest episode, elementary to middle school-aged children watch clips of the original 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Although the video lasts almost 8 minutes, watching the kids’ amused, horrified, and confused reactions to the now-outdated show is time well spent!

As summer begins to wind down, take a moment to absorb these video gems. They will inform, challenge, inspire, and brighten your day.

What were your favorite viral videos of July 2014?