How much can you learn about a company in 6 seconds? Thanks to Vine, now consumers can discover a great deal over the course of one impossibly short video.

For those coming out of hibernation, Vine is the micro video sharing service founded in July 2012. Unlike its largest competitor, YouTube, Vine limits the videos users can create and share to only a few seconds. Shortly after its launch, the application quickly rose to prominence in the social media world, flooding the internet with brief, hilarious, and sometimes thought-provoking videos.

Anticipating the massive potential of Vine in the social media market, microblogging site Twitter acquired it in October 2012 – before it had launched! Since then, it has become a compelling way for individuals, brands, and other entities to share succinct, impactful videos.

But what does this mean for businesses? Savvy marketers recognize and capitalize on the vast branding opportunities Vine offers. Let’s take a look at some of these.

How Businesses Can Leverage Vines to Their Advantage

There is a reason Twitter paid $30 million dollars to acquire this mini-media monster. As with anything social media related, Vine videos go viral every day, and the application has its own “celebrities.”

The application is simple enough to use, and once individuals have gotten the hang of it, they can use Vines to achieve many marketing goals. To create an impactful marketing Vine, keep the following considerations in mind, including:

  • Tell a story. Six seconds may seem like too short of a timeframe to communicate a narrative, but it isn’t. Try to capture a pivotal moment in time and use symbolic images and actions that will resonate with your audiences. Series of multiple Vines can extend the story further.
  • Use clever effects. Vines may have singlehandedly brought about the return of stop-motion videography, as evidenced by multiple recent marketing campaigns. Experiment with the application’s features to learn how to create animated clips, panoramas, and time-lapse images that will amaze and inspire viewers.
  • Incorporate the element of surprise. One of the best parts of a viral Vine is the sudden change of events in the last instant. When audiences are startled by a hilarious or revelatory moment at the end of a Vine, they are more likely to remember and share it.
  • Don’t neglect promotion. Once you have created your marketing Vine, don’t forget to market it! Post to various social media pages for maximum reach and watch your brand’s popularity grow.

How has your brand utilized Vines to enhance its digital marketing strategy?