Experts are calling Wonder PL the definitive YouTube competitorAccording to its LinkedIn page, this new app is “the world’s first curated video platform for quality lifestyle content with a broader range of categories including wellness, culture, home and family, food and entertainment.”

Wonder PL is making waves in the online video industry as it takes aim at the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. Sofia Fenichell, founder and CEO of Wonder PL, compared her brand to Whole Foods while comparing YouTube to Wal-Mart, a clear acknowledgement of the difference in quality between the two. But, where did this company come from?

For most video marketers, Wonder PL seems to come straight out of left field, but the company has been silently progressing for quite some time.

Rockpack App Developer Heads Wonder PL

Wonder PL’s founder, Sofia Fenichell, is best known for her part in developing Rockpack, an app for Apple devices that allows users to create and share personalized video channels. After offers for more than $1.4 million from leading investors, like Universal Music Group and Qualcomm Ventures, Wonder PL is ready to change the landscape of video marketing forever. [HOW???]

Wonder PL Changes Video Consumption Landscape

Wonder PL is a subscription-based video platform that provides an ad-free user experience—a distinction that differentiates it from other platforms. It specializes in videos relevant to professionals in lifestyle industries – a feature unlike any other video platform. For this reason, Wonder PL is the perfect solution for content curators, small businesses and brands. For video marketers, the potential benefits of Wonder PL are nearly endless, but five emerge as game-changing:

  • Storage and hosting – In partnership with Ooyala, Wonder PL provides top notch hosting and streaming in HD, promising a superior user experience complete with sounds and music offered by Epidemic Sound.
  • Low cost – Though Wonder PL is launching as a subscription-based service, the cost is still on the low end, at $300 per year. For small and medium-sized businesses in lifestyle industries, this is a steal.
  • Targeting – With the inclusion of data-drive programming, Wonder PL expedited the process of targeting a specific audience. Comparatively, YouTube’s reach is massive, but getting your content in front of your ideal customer is a chore.
  • Customize – Between channel pages, an embeddable video player, advanced editing tools, and iOS device responsiveness, Wonder PL wraps up every feature lacking in other video platforms to make video marketing a breeze.
  • Traffic – Designed for use by professionals, including the savvy video marketer, Wonder PL’s features increase traffic flow from the platform to the creator’s site. This boost in quality traffic assists brands in meeting marketing and sales goals.

Given Wonder PL’s numerous advanced features, professionals in the lifestyle industry will have a difficult time finding a reason not to sign up.

The Future of Wonder PL

Based on interviews conducted with Fenichell, Wonder PL is still in its relative infancy as a company—pricing kinks, for instance, are still being worked out. For now, the company will attempt to fill the demand for a professional online video platform. If Wonder PL does gain a bit of ground, YouTube and Vimeo may need to adjust to keep pace with the company’s technology.

How do you think Wonder PL will affect the future of video marketing?