Video is a powerful form of media for non-profit organizations. Video content is not only viewed more often than text, but it receives more shares and higher customer engagement levels. For non-profits, videos can help meet fundraising goals and clearly communicate an organization’s vision. Using a combination of the following strategies, many non-profits are learning that video marketing is one of the most effective, affordable, and impactful ways to communicate with their audience and attract supporters.

Mission Statement

In many situations, a non-profit’s organization statement is crucial to connecting with an audience and ultimately capturing donations. When video is used to communicate a mission statement, it can be a powerful form of media for non-profit organizations. Mission statements can be summed up in an interview with the founder, snapshots of past events, or on location in the community. By including visual examples of what a non-profit does, viewers receive a clear picture of the group’s mission and are better prepared to establish an opinion about the organization.

Executive Interview

Creating a video marketing campaign for non-profits usually includes at least one executive interview. If a non-profit is seeking exposure for support and funding, a personal message or interview with an organization’s leader creates credibility and can help viewers confidently take the next step. Video interviews with the executive team can add personality to an organization – a quality viewers can relate to.


Many non-profit organizations, particularly those with an international scope, respond to disasters and other emergencies around the world. Thanks to social media and advancing mobile technology, quick call-to-action videos can be created from almost anywhere. When attempting to heighten awareness while earning the support of others, short call-to-action videos can send a powerful message and are often highly effective for sparking interest in a particular non-profit organization.

Success Stories

Viewers like a variety of information from any organization, specifically non-profits. Videos detailing the impact of an organization on the community are popular among the non-profit audience, as people want to know that their time, charity, and compassion are spent in a meaningful way. Recording and sharing success stories is a great way to prove an organization’s value.

Video in Email

Research has shown that embedding video in an email, or even a screenshot taken from a video, will enhance click-through and engagement rates. When planning distribution channels for a non-profit video marketing campaign, video content in email can lead to significant results. One non-profit increased response rates by 6000% in less than a week. Adding video to email was largely responsible for the overwhelming response that the organization received.

The Future of Non-Profit Marketing is Video

With more people relying on video to make purchase decisions, learn about brands, and stay in-the-know about their favorite organizations, video is becoming an essential component of non-profit marketing. Videos can be used to enhance inter-organizational training processes, recruit employees, and send custom thank you videos to donors. A well-thought-out video can spread awareness and spark fundraising for any non-profit.

In your opinion, which non-profit organizations excel at video marketing?