Gear Round Up – July 2013



For this months gear round up we have a little bit of everything. A camera upgrade, monitor holder, power options, a new camera plate and a new distributor for some awesome rigs! To some this may sound boring, but to gear heads like me this is some awesome stuff!


Camera Firmware Upgrade


The first piece of news I want to mention is the upgrade to the Canon C100. The most impressive part of the upgrade is the continuous focus tracker (a real auto focus) and improved XLR. Now, I will never shoot in auto focus because there is too much that can go wrong, but it is impressive. You can read more about the firmware update here.

Monitor/EVF Holder


A lot of times, it is the accessories that can truly make a camera. I am a big fan of articulating arms for monitors and audio equipment. Edelkrone has come out with something very unique for holding a monitor or electronic view finder (EVF). It would go great with the Sony FS700, Canon C100 and Canon C300. You can see it on the Edelkrone site here.

More Power!


With all the gear needed on cameras to get the right shot and clean audio, it can be hard to find an easy to power all the accessories. Having a separate battery for each thing is not only heavy, but expensive. Switronix has a solution for that with their FlyPack. It allows you to power everything off one battery (such as Anton Bauer) and the FlyPack distributes the power with the proper cables. Awesome little device that you can read more on here.

A New Type of Plate


Kessler is very innovative with their designs. The new K-Plate is just that. Simple design but very versatile and powerful on set. It allows you to easily add 15mm rods for follow focus, matte box and even a hand held rig while also offering mounting holes for even more options. You can even add the Kessler Kwik Release system to mount onto a tripod. Find out more by clicking here.

Tilta Rigs are Available Through ikan

Tilta makes some pretty awesome rigs and ikan is now the official North America distributor. They are showing the new rigs on their site here. Seems the focus is on DSLR, BMCC, Sony FS700, Sony F5/55, Red and the Canon C100/300/500. If you are looking for a high end rig with plenty of options, you may want to check out the Tilta gear.


That wraps up our gear wrap up, see you next month!

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