Here are a few things that standout to me about the way the White House use video and why it’s effective:


One of the priorities of the Obama administration, when he first took office, was to open the White House to the American people. Video is a great way to do this. Not everyone gets to go to the White House, so why not bring the White House to them. Through their video series “Inside the White House”, the viewer gets an inside look into the everyday goings on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. From tours of the Situation Room, to the prep of the kitchen staff before the Korean State Dinner, from the President to the White House staff, these short vignettes give the public access to something without making them drive through a security checkpoint.


Did you ever wonder why the President uses so many pens to sign legislation? Check out All the President’s Pens! This video not only gives you an inside look into one of the many facets of being President, but also puts it in historical context. The practice of using several pens to sign a bill, and then giving those pens to those who worked on said bill, was believed to have started under President Truman. The record for most pens used on one bill was set by Bill himself. President Bill Clinton used 40 pens to sign the Tax Payer Relied Act in 1997. Who doesn’t benefit from a free history lesson. Still, you should watch the video.


Ultimately, this is your bottom line. Using video is an effective way to connect with your constituents because of it’s ease of access. Plus, with today’s busy lifestyle, people aren’t always in front of the the TV to watch, say, the State of the Union, or the President’s weekly address. Uploading videos to YouTube and other social media sites allows viewers to access your campaign anytime, anywhere, increasing your reach and delivering your message instantly.

To check out more videos from the White House, check out their Youtube Channel.