How to Build a Video Content Library

November 29, 2023

What is a content library?

As the year-end approaches, you might encounter a budget surplus and struggle to determine where or how to allocate it effectively. Nearly every client we’ve worked with has faced this challenge, and the solution we consistently recommend is a content library.

A content library is a collection of digital assets such as videos, images, and audio files that can be accessed and organized in one location.  

But how does it help you plan for the next year? That is what we are going to walk you through in this blog!


Why is a content library important?

Content libraries, specifically, video content libraries are a way to help you spend less time and money by planning out your content. Before you even start filming there are ways to build a library for an entire year to make sure that you have enough content for every initiative. 


How to build a content library 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B companies have increased their content creation compared to a year ago, and 52% intend to boost their content-related expenditure. With a significant portion of your marketing budget allocated to content production and promotion, creating the appropriate content and making sure it is sent out at the right time is very important.


Step One: Define Your Goal

Like anything worthwhile, it’s important to begin by envisioning your ultimate goal. What are your objectives for the upcoming year? Are you focused on improving retention, enhancing recruitment, or increasing awareness? Once you’ve defined your goals, you can determine the specific types of videos you need for the year. It’s crucial to maintain a forward-thinking perspective. Don’t just think about the next three months, consider what might be necessary as far ahead as the next Christmas season.


Step Two: Create a Schedule

After you’ve determined your goal(s), it’s time to establish your timeline. While it might be feasible to complete all your videos within two months, you may have larger projects that require more time too. Therefore, it’s crucial to outline which videos you intend to produce and edit first. Once you’ve prioritized your videos, you can consult with your video production company to gauge what is achievable for the upcoming year. This collaboration will help you develop a realistic plan for your video production schedule.


Step Three: Produce Videos

The next step happens to be our personal favorite. This is when all your goals and planning are translated into action. Depending on the number of videos you aim to create for your content library, the process may take a few months. The exciting part is that these few months will ultimately result in content that will last you for an entire year! During this process, allocate a dedicated day for interviews with your employees. Pose questions from three distinct categories, such as Branding, Recruitment, and Training. This approach allows you to gather content that can be utilized for creating three different videos, or even more! Not only is this cheaper for you but it is also more efficient. 


Step Four: Organize Files 

After you’ve prepared your content, it’s crucial to stay organized. This involves labeling your content based on when you intend to release it, making sure you have suitable thumbnails that match each video, and verifying that each video has the appropriate cutdowns tailored for specific social media accounts.


Step Five: Release Content

Before you get so excited you just throw your content out into the wild, a little preparation is necessary to get the best results. This includes writing captions that go well with your posts, creating thumbnails that match your content, and setting up newsletters to build excitement for your upcoming releases. After all, without a distribution plan for your content, what is the point of producing all of this content?


Types of content for your library 

Product Showcases

Capture your product’s attributes, design, and functionality through close-up or wide-angle shots from various perspectives.

Customer Testimonial Segments

Harness the power of satisfied customers discussing their experiences with your product or team, creating compelling marketing assets that foster trust and credibility among prospective clients.

Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses

Offer a peek into the creation process of your product or showcase the inner workings of your team. These videos foster a deeper connection between customers and your brand, showcasing your values and mission.

Creating a Content Library with 522 Productions

As you can see, building a content library can be a great way to ease future stress. Having content ready for a whole year can help you stay on track with product or campaign launches, rather than getting stressed out about content creation a month or two before you need it.

You can create your very first content library with us. We’ve collaborated with numerous clients who have strategically planned months and even years to ensure they have the right amount of content for their projects. Partner with us to create a schedule that works best for you and your business.

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