522 collaborated with Iona Senior Services to prepare their annual giving luncheon that would have been in person if not for the pandemic. It was a new journey for both IONA Senior Services and their potential supporters. By providing an emotional appeal with examples of real-life experiences provided through services, we created an invitation to join and help.

Driving registration for your organization’s event might be considered the most daunting task when it comes to event planning. Your organization might have a great message but if nobody is there to receive it, what’s the point?

As a Video Production Agency, our primary goal is to create content that stands out amid all of the content in the world and resonates with your audience in a way that drives action. Simply put, when it comes to driving registration through video, we’ve got your back.

SO – what messages should you share with your audience to drive registration? Here’s our 3-step plan that we handle with our clients to help you make it happen.

Where and how does your audience currently engage with your organization? Do you engage through newsletters, social media, webpages, table hosts, podcasts, sponsors, regional events? When it comes to driving registration (or even general marketing) it’s important to remember that every channel that you leverage has a purpose, a message, and specific audience. Knowing this information helps you take and distribute content in the right way, through the relevant communication channels, and with the most effective calls to action.

Now that you understand your distribution channels, goals, and target audiences, it’s important to craft messages that resonate. Remember, every person is struggling for time and your organization is always competing with other events, priorities, and messages. Define what success for your audience is and make sure they understand the benefits for attending your event.

Highlight Your Content
Plan in advance how you intend to promote your content across the different channels for the relevant audience segments.

Before Your Event Promotions: To drive registration through video
Sometimes the social events and location help to drive the registration for in-person events. When moving to a virtual event, you will need to be more clear about the event approach so that it’s not overwhelming or confusing for the audience. Get them comfortable with your new event approach.

Promoting the valuable content will become the key to success. How will your attendee benefit from participating? Pre-event teasers to highlight the content and pitch the incentives can help you communicate the right information to make an impact on registration. Examples video styles for this can include

  • Event promos
  • CEO message
  • Social teasers
  • Animated explainers
  • Landing page promos

Now that you’ve captured your audiences’ attention across your different communication channels, get them to participate in relevant ways. When you already have an active community base, taking one more step to register and then actually attend becomes less of a hurdle for the participant and more predictable for your organization. Here are just a few ways you can think about facilitating some engagement ahead of the actual event:

  • Polls that may help capture baseline understanding and interest in featured session topics
  • Surveys about what factors within a topic your audience would like to dive deeper into within a session
  • Facilitated live Q&A sessions with a content provider, speaker, or sponsor

These options can be leveraged across any platform. All social platforms are built for engagement through chats, forums, and even live video. Not only can this help increase interest in the topic itself, it can gain excitement from the speakers and spark the initial action on the audiences’ part that will result in momentum on engaging with your brand within the context of your upcoming event.

Ultimately, there’s a lot to consider across all phases of an event. Make sure you’re getting the support and guidance you need from your partners.

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