Here are some of the primary reasons to use green screen:

  • Flexibility – Green screen allows us to be adaptable in dealing with clients that want to shoot multiple days and in a variety of locations. It also provides a level of consistency between the different office environments.
  • Portability – Speaking of which, the portability of green screen is extremely beneficial. We can set up and break down a green screen set-up in about an hour. This prevents us from wandering about the office looking for colorful background elements, and it provides an out to a client’s suggestion of adding an office plant in the background.
  • Extended Usability – Shooting interviews against a green screen also makes it easier to revisit projects in the future. It safeguards against any changes that might have taken place with company branding since last working on the project. Additional interviews can be shot and easily incorporated within the existing video.
  • Branding – Green screen interviews also provide the ability to brand the piece with the company’s identity on a greater level. It also prevents the suggestion of sliding a mug emblazoned with the company logo into the foreground. Plus, the background is easy to modify.

All of these benefits of shooting green screen leads to the importance importance of Pre-Production. It’s easy in the chaos of planning to overlook these basic steps when heading in to a shoot. The follow-up posting to this article covers a few helpful hints that we thought we’d pass along when it comes to shooting green screen… (of course, we’ve never made any of these mistakes ourselves).