Ah. I wanted to get this out earlier in 2012. But, it is still the first….just February 1st.

In any event, video marketing is nothing new, but we are expecting big things on the horizon for 2012 in terms of how often video is used to connect with customers or grow a brand’s fan base.

There is an emotional level of involvement with web video that immediately connects the viewer with your message, however you choose to tailor it. In fact, I feel this emotional connection is one of the most powerful attributes of web video marketing (just wrote an article discussing the five reasons why web video is so persuasive). Engaging your customers with video campaigns, whether you sell shoes or shelves, is rapidly becoming the smartest way to market.

So, if we agree on the power of web video, where are we going to see growth in 2012? Video testimonials from actual customers who appear trustworthy and honest are one of the best ways to turn a possible customer into a life-long customer. There are companies like Videogenie that are attempting to make the process of gathering organic video testimonials much easier. I think we’ll start to see some traction in this area; however, it will be a challenge balancing the quality of these videos alongside your other branded materials.

In addition to testimonial content, a recent article on Boston.com discusses other elements of web video marketing:

2012 is likely to be a banner year for video. Infinitely more emotional than text, video is a rich medium that fits perfectly within an ever more social web. 85% of Americans watch videos online, and they watch a lot of them too– over 1.3 billion (yes, billion) videos a day. Studies show far higher levels of engagement and customer conversion among brands that use video on their websites. Finally, 2012 may be the year in which video-powered social shopping technologies like (e)-motional, a tool that allows users to click on, share and purchase items without ever leaving a video, begin to catch on.

At the end of the day, video content shall propel some companies this year while those who fail to integrate video will be left behind. Be ahead of the game in your industry by including video marketing tools in your advertising plan for 2012. See what a difference it makes when customers can see your message, get a sense of who you are and tap into the emotional aspects of your brand.