Why Google Hangouts Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts




When Google released Google Plus, one of the noticeable features of their social media site was the option for Hangouts. Since its release, Hangouts has been a prominent feature for those wanting to take full advantage of social media. Whether it’s for in-house purposes or as part of a larger marketing effort, Google Hangouts provide many opportunities for marketers. Live video streams can energize campaigns while being used to organize internal efforts.

How Your Brand Can Use Google Hangouts

Using Google Hangouts is simple yet effective. All you need is a computer, webcam, and internet connection. Google even allows you to connect to a 3rd party camera so that you can stream a high quality feed. Consider using Google Hangouts to:

  • Announce a new product launch.Product launches are typically held at company headquarters. Since most consumers can’t attend, they receive word through a public press release or from reports from those in attendance. Using a live stream on Google Hangouts to announce a launch engages consumers who wish they could attend the launch in person. Furthermore, it allows your brand to connect with consumers. You’re removing a filter and allowing them to be part of a live event.
  • Encourage interaction. During these product launches, innovative companies might choose to take questions from viewers at home. A Q&A session on Google Plus is a creative, cheap, and effective way to engage customers and gain their loyalty. Consumers want to be involved and learn as much as they can about new products, and Google Plus gives them that opportunity.
  • Hold webinars. Whether you want to give a tutorial on how to use a product or teach a specific lesson such as leadership, Google Hangouts are a perfect way to host webinars. Unlike real life seminars, you don’t have to worry about the costs of overhead or the complications of booking a real-life location and having to deal with preparing for a live event. A webinar is a low-key, low-stress, yet high-impact event.
  • Improve internal operations. You can host meetings with business partners across the hall or across the globe. Using Google Hangouts is secure and allows you to integrate the video session with features you use every day such as Gmail and Google Docs.
  • Hold a press conference. Again, this is a simple way to broadcast a message without having to worry about the complications of a live event. Fortunately, as the world goes more and more digital, this unorthodox way of making a major announcement is beginning to become a standard.

Ultimately, the way that you and your brand decide to take advantage of Google Hangouts is completely up to you! The opportunities are endless and creativity is at your demand. Whether you choose to focus your efforts on marketing or simply use Google Hangouts as an internal tool, this feature certainly improves communication. You improve communication with fans who want to interact more fully with your brand. It also allows you to interact with colleagues and B2B partners. As the web continues to evolve, so will Google Hangouts and the way that you can integrate it into your life.


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