If you didn’t already know this about us, we’re pretty much obsessed with video. And since we spend an ungodly amount of time looking at stuff, we thought we’d put some of that time to good use and show you some of our favorites. We kept ‘em short, so please enjoy with a cup of coffee (or something stronger), and then get on with your day!

Without further ado, we present our inaugural Staff Picks. (Ba-da-da-daaa…that’s a trumpet sound):

Chad: A simply brilliant way to make you wonder what life is like for children growing up in war-torn countries.

Tristan: When I was a teenager, social media wasn’t a part of my life. Today, kids use it virtually every minute of their lives. This short documentary explores the issues when teenagers suddenly become “famous” on sites like Instagram.

Anthony: When motion artists teach you airplane safety.

Phil: The pacing of this video builds well. The slower start ends with quick cuts and fireworks. I love the different voices.

Chris: Great short. Watch with the lights off.

Eli: Fascinating. Just a great idea.

Megan: This new Ex Hex video, directed by Lara Gallagher, merges (Ex Hex is on Merge Records—see what I did there??) two of my everlasting crushes: Mary Timony and Ian Svenonius. High-school-me is dying over how good Timony still sounds. Lady is a legend. And this vid is a kitschy, rocking’ jell-o-mold of goodness.

Rob: A creative way to promote a stock footage site.

Alisa: Definitely one of my favorites. The GE “Imagination at Work,” campaign really defines how the brand should be made real throughout its business. It doesn’t get more real then using a child to reinvent the excitement of jet engines or light bulbs. Strategic marketing at its best.