Since the invention of smart mobile apps, more businesses are considering trimming digital budgets by tackling DIY video projects. While DIY videos may provide some immediate benefits, they are often not the best way to convey a brand’s story. Before tackling a DIY video marketing project, review the following risks.

  • Poor Production – It can be tempting to break out the iPhone and start creating video content, but what goal will this help achieve? If a brand’s goal is to build an audience or engage with customers, a poorly produced video will do nothing more than scare viewers away.
  • Keeping Up with Demand – To be successful, brands need to do more than provide video content here and there. They need to follow up each release with the promise of new and interesting content to come. With video marketing, consistency is a key factor. A DIY video marketing campaign will have a hard time keeping up with the demand for video, quickly losing audience attention.
  • Time Consuming – While it may seem cost-effective to embark upon a DIY video marketing project, there are hidden costs associated with production. From location permits and editing to the creation of special effects and distribution, DIY campaigns generally take longer to complete without the benefit of professional results.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Instead of jumping right into a DIY project, first consider the benefits of working with a professional video production company (checkout our First Timer’s Guide to Producing Video to get a sense of how a production unfolds).

  • Scouting – Professionals take care of location and talent scouting for you, leaving employees to focus on work instead of tedious details.
  • Storyboarding – Creating a branded video is about telling your brand’s unique story in a way that captures audience interest. When working with professionals, the flow of this story is mapped out prior to production, ensuring you receive a video aligned with your brand.
  • Professional Film Crews – No more wobbly cameras or subpar video quality. Full service film crews are available to expertly capture your brand’s message.
  • Premium Equipment – Professional production companies have access to top notch equipment including high-definition cameras, light kits, and audio tools, guaranteeing your video receives a professional touch.
  • Advanced Editing – After a video is recorded, it’s usually necessary to go back and complete editing tasks. If you’re working with professionals, this extra step is completed for you.
  • Custom Animation – Want to spice up your video content without bringing in outside talent? Reputable production companies include custom animation in their service packages.
  • Publishing Support – A finished video is far from complete. Brands must decide when and where to publish content based on audience behavior and preferences. Experienced production companies provide this additional support, making the process simple.

The Takeaway

When taking into account the benefits of working with a professional video production company, it’s hard to make a case for DIY projects. Brands completing DIY video projects run the risk of publishing a poorly produced piece of content that diminishes a company’s credibility. To maximize return on investment, working with a professional production company is a wise choice.

Have you ever published do-it-yourself videos? What was the response?