Video Production for Government Contracts

March 26, 2024

522 Productions is a woman-owned company with a specialization in video production for government contracts. We have worked with government agencies for 10 years producing PSAs, training, awareness, and recruitment videos. We hold a General Services Administration (GSA) contract for Video and Film Production Services (512110) and Website Design (541430). We work both through prime and subprime contracts with any size business along with teaming agreements. Federal government buyers can easily purchase services through GSA Advantage! 

To view our catalog, visit GSA Advantage or download our catalog here.

How do we work with the government?

Our main focus for every government project is communication, collaboration, and customer service. 

Every government project is unique, and we firmly believe that it’s not just our video production process, but our strategic approach that sets us apart. We possess in-depth knowledge of government operations and stakeholder management, crucial in an environment where numerous government departments often collaborate, each with its own perspectives and opinions.

Our approach involves close collaboration with your department to ensure that the final video resonates with everyone on your team. If your team lacks prior experience in video production, rest assured, we’ll provide comprehensive education about the entire process. We understand that video production may be unfamiliar territory for many government agencies, and our commitment to working closely with you takes precedence.

We acknowledge that there may be an expectation that government entities should inherently understand video production, but we also recognize the demands of your busy schedules. Partnering with us will alleviate any stress because we are dedicated to guiding you through each stage of our process. Our goal is to ensure that, ultimately, your experience is stress-free because, if you’re stressed, it means we haven’t fulfilled our role effectively.


A Case Study: United States Department of Health and Human Services

We partnered with the United States Department of Health and Human Services to develop a training video series aimed at raising employee awareness of their rights within the department. In contrast to typical training videos, our approach was to infuse knowledge with fun to engage their employees. We incorporated lively background music, dynamic lower thirds, and vibrant colors to create a video that not only conveyed essential information but also captivated and engaged the audience. This video increased engagement across their entire department and helped trainees understand the training program better!

View HHS Whistleblower Training example:

Why should the government use video?

In the past several years, it was acceptable for the government (and even businesses) to release one video every year, but since COVID-19, there has been a surge in content. With almost all of their target audience online, the government faces the pressing need to enhance its content and video production efforts.

522 Productions has been actively involved in crafting diverse campaigns for recruitment, brand building, and training initiatives tailored for the government.

One of the biggest hurdles we encounter when working with the government is designing training programs that truly capture and hold the attention of their employees. Especially when it comes to mandating 4+ hours of training video viewing, it’s essential that these materials are not just informative but also highly engaging.

Furthermore, recruiting presents an additional challenge, especially when it comes to the younger generation. They have unique preferences when it comes to what content they consume and which employers they choose. To remain an appealing and compelling career option in the ever-changing job market, the government needs to clearly communicate its value proposition to both potential and current employees.

Given these evolving dynamics, video content has become indispensable for the government in maintaining relevance with its employees, audience, and potential recruits.

For more information about the value of video production for the government listen to our Shift Happens Podcast. Take a look at our government videos for more information!

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