There are so many videos on the web that, mathematically, it would take 5 million years to watch all of the video data that’s transmitted over the web each month. But even with the massive amount of data out there, a short clip can be trending and viral within a matter of hours. Below are the Top 5 trending videos of the month:

Going to School. This brief video is making waves after massive tweeting and posting, simply billing it as ‘cute.’ The video opens with a tiny boy, not yet of school age, carrying his backpack and strapping on his spectacles. He heads out the door of his house and suddenly appears to be jumping out of a plane. The effect is meant to make viewers’ hearts take a leap, and it works. In the video’s conclusion, the boy is back in his normal element again, with everything restored.

Part of this video’s popularity stems from the way it takes viewers by surprise. People who felt surprised when they first viewed it felt enticed to surprise their followers with it as well. Catching people unawares can make internet users feel like they are ‘in’ on something, part of a knowing crowd of insiders.

The Catch. This is actually a follow-up video to a rather astounding feat of athletic excellence. A teen boy throws an incredible pass of a football, only to run at high-speed and with immense precision catch the pass successfully. This follow-up video interviews the teen athlete about his talent.

Cinderella. Movie trailers have a way of making the rounds on social media and in blogs once they are leaked to the public. People want to know which movies are coming out, when they will premier, and who is starring in them. To really intrigue viewers, however, Disney decided to make a bold move and not answer any of those questions about the 2015 Cinderella film. The result? The usual Disney magic, of course!

Killer Prank. Viral because of its diabolical mix of horror and prank-show humor, this DM Pranks’ original production showcases a man in a clown suit pretending to bludgeon fake victims to death in public places. The video chronicles various human reactions as unsuspecting strangers happen upon the scene.

Is this video a commentary on human behavior? A cruel trick to play on your friends? Either way, it grabbed the attention of viewers around the world.

A Michael Jackson Reprise. This video has all the elements of an outstanding viral sensation. Deceased American icon, contemporary American icon, general public, dancing, precocious children, recognizable music, and drop-in footage. These are all components of the type of feel-good video that people will want to see and pass on.
The public is loving Justin Timberlake right now, and an homage to the late-great Michael Jackson is never going to deter as many as it draws. Add happy, random lip-syncing and talented dancers, especially children, and you have a hit.

Have you seen any of these or other trending videos this month? Which was your favorite?