April seems to have been the month in which brands competed to both display and elicit the rawest emotion in their marketing videos. From admiration and love to humor and anger, the following 5 picks have perhaps been the most powerful throughout the last several weeks. Take a look:

Dove: Patches. Dove is one of the great masters of video marketing, and they strike gold again by getting 4.4 million views in just 2 days with their video test of Dove’s Patches. This video emphasizes that the power of will can change almost everything. Participants in an exercise to elicit beauty are surprised to learn the most important factors for doing so. The most important result, however, is that these women ultimately felt better about themselves and their appearances.

Honey Maid: Love. This video went super-viral quickly, and it was created in response to a previous video they made celebrating “alternative families.” Numerous critics lambasted the commercial. This very clever response went viral and got a lot of attention in April. The company hired an artist to create a representation of their most hateful responses in contrast with the most supportive ones. The end result is both uplifting and refreshing.

Portrait of Lotte: Frans Hofmeester. While not intended for marketing, this video captures Hofmeester’s daughter, Lotte, growing from newborn to age 14 in four minutes. He did this by filming his child a little bit each day. It is a raw recording of the evolution of beauty that caught the world’s attention. The results were beyond impressive: 8.2 million views in the first week.

Foot Locker X Adidas ad with Damian Lillard. This short ad packs a big punch in less than a minute: four ex-stars and one young star perform a brilliantly executed skit that seems more like a long basketball joke rather than an ad. Damian Lillard stumbles over his words, trying not to offend anyone, as he explains his reasons for purchasing some new Adidas footwear.

F*ck the Poor: Pillion Trust Charity. This charity did a unique reverse psychology experiment where an individual with a sandwich board passed out pamphlets that have the aforementioned offensive statement on it and interacted with people passing by. The public was understandably quite appalled at this attitude toward the poor population, yet this individual did not garner nearly as much attention when he was pleading for assistance to help the poor. The 1.9 million views it got in 9 days show it was an attention-grabber!

What new videos have caught your attention?